Monday, 12 November 2007

Lost star Kim Yun-jin featured in Vogue Korea

Kim Yun-jin appears in a fashion spread and Feature Story of Vogue Korea November 2007. The featured article is entitled The House of Rising Sun. I wish i could tell you the contents, but everything is in Korean. For the article and a video, go to

Kim Yun-jin in a Vivienne Westwood silk tube dress

Kim Yun-jin in
Roberto Cavalli dresses

I have been reading some blogs and comments on Kim Yun-jin and apparently there have been some bad press about her lately. I wonder why? I thought the Americans love her because of her character in the hit ABC series Lost and the Koreans love her because she is such an internationally successful star! What's there not to like about her? Can anyone fill me in?

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Anonymous said...

from what i've heard, koreans are angry because supposedly Kim Yun-jin's role on Lost is a bit to risque for them =) i think that's funny considering what we see on tv nowadays

rocketfuel said...

I don't think it has to do with her being risqué. It's that she's successful in the USA and her exposure gives people more reasons to judge her. Lucy Lui and Zhang Zi Yi have already gone through it...

I liked Kim Yun Jin before in Shiri and I still like her now because she's a good actress.

Anonymous said...

Yunjin Kim on this photo looks
tooo much made up..though.
thick painted with make up
she doesn't look like her at all.
I like her natural look even though she looks nerd not attractive at all sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Korean or Americans in general
people support entertainers ..
wishes the best..
I don't think it's the Audience so much judgemental..perhaps it's
Yunjin Kim herself braging too much, it's her complaining of discriminations and not welcomed by media so forth..

Anonymous said...

I agree...
This actress Yunjin Kim has been
bragging so much since.. in korea
and complaining of American discriminations ...
It's sad that her attitude ..she only look at bad reception by media.

Anonymous said...
she's kind of dumb...
stupid you know..
if she really thinks she is world beuty..
World classs joke..perhaps

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE love "Sandra OH"!
She is the best talented Asian Actress. Sandra Great performing Skills with nice personality.
Sandra Oh is Beautiful and attractive women.
"Yunjin Kim" IS UGLY, Arrogant,
BRAGGING Actress!!!!!!


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