Monday, 12 November 2007

Lukewarm response to Big Bang concert

Well, it looks like there aren't that many people out there who would pay hard-earned money to watch Big Bang in concert.

Out of 64 voters, 25 people (39%) were not interested in watching the group live in action. However, 30 persons (60%) say that they would without a doubt attend a Big Bang concert if the quintet were to hold one in Malaysia.

There isn't a very large margin between the opposing groups so I guess the boys need to try harder :-).

More Big Bang!

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Anonymous said...

aww, that's too bad. :(
these boys are good for real, without doubt.
my instinct says that most ppl who voted for No never really care to get to know these boys.

to be honest, i didn't like big bang based on their appearance at first but after watching some vids and listening to their music, i fell in love with them! xD
my friend is in the same case as mine. :P LOL

ahhh, btw, although hallyu is slowly spreading, i think it's still at a pathetic stage here in Malaysia. we are not even close to how it is in Thailand. :(

Liz said...

Yeah Anonymous, I do agree with you. I think the Hallyu is spreading pretty slow in Malaysia compared to our neighbour Thailand.

And locally, it is very focused on the Chinese-speaking community...but the rest are slowly catching up.

Anonymous said...

hello. it's me again. LOL
ahh, yes you're right liz.
and it's more tvxq-oriented. ahaha.
don't get me wrong.
i really love tvxq but it's sad to see other artists can't really receive the same love as tvxq.

anyway, i saw this in another forum:

or is this from any of you guys too? eheh. just curious.

Liz said...

Hey Anonymous :-). Yeah everyone's into TVXQ...I don't like their Japanese songs though. Stick to Korean dudes, that's my humble opinion anyways.

As for the topic in the forum, no it isn't us BUT it's from the same person who asked us help get feedback on the topic - a (possible) Big Bang concert in Malaysia.

Momo_love_siwon, I guess you have your answer now, huh?

kpop_rub said...

Ahh I would have loved to have participated in the poll but I do not live there and would have a hard time making it there for anything :-P I have been fortunate enough to see Big Bang twice in concert! The boys didn't disappoint! Hopefully their popularity continues to rise there and more people would be anxious to see them in concert!

inquinn said...

ho well, i say 60% is pretty good for a group who have nvr been to msia, ever, and i honestly think they've got what it takes. perhaps not a concert, maybe just a showcase as the first step to introduce them to malaysia, and vice versa.

nway, i think Hallyu isn't spreading wild like how it is in thailand just bcos it has always been like that. i mean, michael jackson aside (i think) i can't think of any local/international artists receiving such crazy response like what dbsk got in thailnd

Anonymous said...

Hey guys

thanks so much for your help. really appreciate it.. and yes this really help

and yes, i was planning to do mini showcase..a mini introduction..thats what i have in mind. well, the planning and everything is still vague now and waiting from BB's management to response will take some that they are busy preparing for their concert in December as well as their 2nd mini album.

till then, will keep you guys posted!

Liz said...

Thanks momo_love_siwon, do keep us informed about any new developments. Appreciate that :-)

Anonymous said...

love big bang! sure gonna come to their concert... only if it happens after my spm next year!

Anonymous said...

heck i'd definitely go!
It's Big Bang, and not some other typical korean pop group out there.
They're cool and they're mad talented.. and I mean it..

Hopefully they can come to Msia one day..

Anonymous said...

Thank you..thank you for supporting BB....

Anonymous said...

awww..i wish BB will do a oncert in Malay/ Spore...cause I live in Indonesia it'll be much easier...

Anonymous said...

well, malaysian are more to SM artist...
but seriously, big bang n shinhwa are real love who need to be spread out here!!!!


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