Saturday, 10 November 2007

Photos of Paris partying in Seoul

Mmm, the music's so good, it's orgasmic

Once a party girl, always a party girl. Paris Hilton got jiggy with it and more at the benefit party she threw at Cheongdamdong, Seoul on Nov 9.

Paris vogues to the music and her right bra
pops out

The notorious socialite danced the night away at The Circle in the presence of top Korean celebs. However, the 26-year-old heiress stole the limelight by executing some rather risque dance moves and almost had a wardrobe malfunction on the that's gonna stop her!

Party girl touches herself...

...and doesn't give a damn if her bustier top is
about to fall off.

Source & Pics credit: StarNews

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rainbowlove88 said...

alamak. so malu.

rocketfuel said...

it's rather embarrassing how the Korean media are fawning over her like she's Princess Diane.

Orchid said...

Oh ow...she sure likes to party.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are steamy. I thought after going to jail for her driving offence, she wanted to shed her party-girl image and do some serious charity work!

I wonder how serious she is about her charity work since she let herself get caught with these kind of photos at a party. Looks like she needs to try harder if she really wants to shed her party girl image. She better buck up if not no one will take her seriously.


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