Thursday, 15 November 2007

Playboy model strikes a pose

Here are some recent pictures of South Korea's first Playboy model Lee Sa-bi (a.k.a Lee Eon-jeong).

The model appeared in the drama My Girl. She played Gong Chan's ever-resourceful and reliable secretary.

I don't know what she is posing for. The photos are too nice to not blog about.

Pics credit: Hankooki

Lee Sa-bi, South Korea's first Playboy model

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Ervinna said...

i never realize that she's Gong Chan's secretary in my girl till you mentioned in ur current post. gosh..gosh. never ever would i thought that she's the model for play boy (:

when are you guys coming back?

rocketfuel said...

if lee byeong hun was a woman, that's what he'd look like. :^X

Anonymous said...

She's not all that hot....

Orchid said...

yeah i agree with Rocketfuel...they could be siblings!


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