Thursday, 15 November 2007

Rain on December mag covers

The Energizer Bunny is currently laying low in the United States, improving his English, working on his English album and doing all the things energizer bunnies do.

If you are missing him, here's some good news! Apart from appearing on the cover of Japan's KBOOM magazine, Rain will be on the covers of another two December 2007 mags!

Korean Entertainment Journal. a Japanese mag features Rain in Dec.
This mag has 70 pages on the Korean superstar!
Available for sale online.

Bi on Cosmo Men showing his white undies. Hmm...the underwear in
the pic looks so a big, white diaper.

Yesss! Real men wear pink. I rest my case.

Boy oh boy, the magazines sure make great Christmas presents!! Who'd like to get me Cosmo Men? An autographed copy with a personal message from the Energizer Bunny himself will nicely make my year :-)!

Source & Pic credits:

Rain reveals to KBOOM magazine

I want more Bi!

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fraulein said...

Any idea which issue of Cosmo Men it is? Dec 07?

Readers in Singapore, pls let me know where u think i can get a copy, if we can get it at all...

rocketfuel said...

real men don't wear pink unless you know it's a real man....:-p in that last pic, he look likes a woman.

Orchid said...

From Cosmo Men's cover there's an article of 2007's Hottest Bachelors. Wonder if Rain's on the list...Yeah how to get our hands on the magazine?

And the Japanese mag has 70 pages of Rain in it? That's a lot of pages!

Anonymous said...

Bi aint no 'real man' but I can appreciate the hotness coming from him in the pink shirt where another might look flamboyantly gay. But then again, Bi looks flamboyantly gay most other times.
My psychics said Id marry him.

rainbowlove88 said...

Oppa still looks good whether got big diaper or not. I love oppa. so handsome.


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