Friday, 9 November 2007

PuriCute your pictures

Want to add cutesy elements to your pictures to make them oh-so-adorable? Then head on to PuriCute (, a website that allows you to decorate, personalise and publish your enhanced photos on personal websites, blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook (yeah, try it there. K-popped! has a group going on, if you don’t already know ;-)).

We got a referral to the site in the e-mail one day and after a little digging, we discovered that the site is co-founded by a Korean and a Japanese. K-popped!'s request for an e-mail interview with Mr. Jun Kim and Mr. Kanya Suzuki went unheeded though. Bummer.

Ah well, we make do with what we’ve got, yah? After testing the site out here’s my conclusion.

If you are too shy to step up to one of those huge sticker machines at shopping malls then log on to PuriCute, upload your most smashing pix and go wild decorating it with the cute elements available. It works in a similar way to the machines as it enhances your pictures by adding cute graphics, words and even animation.

Check out what I did with my picture above. I admit, I got a little carried away and the pic's a little "busy". I'm sure you can do a better job of PuriCute-ing yourself, so go ahead :-).

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3888 said...

puricute is so CUUUTTTTEEEE!!! heehee...

thanks for the interesting website.


Liz said...

You're welcome, 3888. Have you Puricute a picture of yours yet? Care to show us? ;-P

kpop_rub said...

Oh wow! I had seen some internet purikura sites before but they weren't all that great- this one feels authentic. I am ADDICTED to purikura-- but thing is there are no machines where I live ;__; I have to fly all the way across the country just to do it. This site very well may hold me over til I can get back to the west coast! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...


3888 said...

*embarrassed by my pics*

~runs away in embarrassment~

Liz said...

hey Anonymous, that's cute...the little crown is a nice touch. And the cat face?? Meeeeowww. :-)

Liz said...

Aww 3888, don't be shy.

Anonymous said...

Its my cat ahahahaha.


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