Friday, 9 November 2007

Paris Hilton's 1st ever press conference in Korea

Guess what is Paris Hilton's favourite colour? If you guessed pink, then you are right. The heiress told the Korean press that she loves pink, and that is why she is wearing the hot pink Fila track jacket today.

Paris Hilton wearing Fila
wear & Chanel bag

Hilton attended her first press conference in Seoul today at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Hilton said she loved everything about Korea. "People are amazing. I look forward to coming here more often. I wish I had more time here. I'd love to see the Korean palaces, architecture and old streets", she said.

Hilton also told the press that she will appear in a romantic comedy The Hottie and the Naughty which will be released in February 2008. She also just finished shooting Repo: The Genetic Opera and is developing another TV show.

On Thursday, Hilton filmed scenes for her guest appearance on the popular MBC show Reckless Challenge (Muhandojeon) at the Korea House in Pil-dong. She said she wore a "gorgeous Korean wedding dress'' (hanbok) for the show.

Hilton in a hanbok, filming
Reckless Challenge

Hilton's one-year contract with Fila Korea is reportedly worth $1 million. Fila chose Hilton as its model last March because of her sexy, fashionable image. However, her ads were temporarily pulled last June, when she was sentenced to a 45-day jail term on a drunk driving charge.

Fila was originally established as an Italian company in 1911, but is now owned by Fila Korea.

Hilton signs autograph for fans.
Hilton touches man's hand.
Man cries.

Paris Hilton interview video on StarNews

Source: The Korea Times

Paris Barbie arrives in Korea

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates on Paris Hilton's activities in Korea!

Liz said...

Wah, the man must really like Paris Hilton to break down like that when she touched his hand.

Anonymous said...

Why is the man crying!!!1 Did she reject his marriage proposal or something?


Anonymous said...

I thought only girls cry when come to even like this.

Anonymous said...

He was a small boy (probably primary school pupil).


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