Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Running the DMZ: Korea on the Frontlines

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An informative documentary that uncovers the history of the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) in Korea. The DMZ is a no-man's-land that separates North and South Korea.

DMZ: From the South looking North. The soldiers are South Koreans

Interesting facts can be gleaned off the documentary such as:
  • the North attacked the South in an attempt to unite the country under Communist rule. China helped the North during the civil war (1950 – 1953)
  • the border separating the two Koreas is 2.5 miles (4km) wide and 155 miles (250km) long
  • the very first fence separating the country was a string of surveyor's tape that stretched from East to West
  • North Korea's economy is fueled by drug trafficking, counterfeiting US currency and selling weapons to terrorists
  • throughout the years the DMZ was in existence, North Korea has planned many attacks and infiltration attempts on the South. Once, the simple activity of trimming a tree at the DMZ almost escalated into World War III! However, the terrorism attempts have been foiled by the South…so far.
  • Today, many tourists can visit the DMZ.

As stated at store.aetv.com

A documentary that recounts the crises of the Cold War, a litany of North Korean aggression, infiltration, terrorism, spies, and presidential assassination attempts.

Soldiers and diplomats offer an intimate view of the delicate balance of statesmanship and strategy that has kept Pyongyang at bay over the decades. See how North Korea's attempts to obtain nuclear weapons have ushered in a new era at the DMZ, and tour the area that remains a global flashpoint despite the end of the era it symbolizes.

Watch it:
  • The History Channel (Astro Channel 555)
  • In English
  • Check your Astro guide for the times
Pic credit: 1stopKorea.com

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rubie said...

Watch JSA (Joint Security Area, 2000) a moving story of brotherhood & friendship based on the DMZ.

The movie is like the "intro" to Korean movies, well-made & it's highly-acclaimed by Korean movie lovers and critics.

ladida said...

interesing!..thks, k-popped! for a brief history on Korea; I'm actually learning something as I'm reading... :)

hanie said...

i heard about dmz but i never thought much about it. thanks for the info...it makes me wanna cuti-cuti korea more and more..

Liz said...

Yeah the DMZ is a tourist spot these days and we can actually visit it :-) Cuti-cuti Korea sounds really good :-).


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