Friday, 14 December 2007

Bi and his Lotte Women

Here's your shot at stardom (Part II)

Remember Liz told you about The Lotte DFS Honorable Model Contest? In July 2007, Lotte Duty Free shop was looking for models to appear with Rain (their spokesman) in a commercial!

Aren't you curious who won? Well, wonder no are the pictures!

Hey did any one of you win? Which one of you is in the photos? Tell us!

Rain and his new family at Lotte Duty Free Shop

The Energizer Bunny is pleased to be the thorn among the roses

Glamour girl in white jacket touches Rain

This is my Lotte mom

Lotte little sister

Lotte aunt ;-)

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Pics credit:
Lotte DFS as seen on Soompi Forum (benamoo, rainhk, onlyrain)

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Gail T. said...

aunt... ajummah? hahaha.

ladida said...

wow..the lotte peeps really know how to pick their ladies...all of them have very nice skin complexion..Rain as cute as always w/his killer boyish grin :)

cymbellynne said...

these shots are beautiful!


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