Friday, 14 December 2007

Kim Sun-ah wins lawsuit

My Lovely Sam-soon star Kim Sun-ah won a breach of contract lawsuit recently.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled against the production company that sued the actress and her agency for damages. The verdict was announced on Dec 13.

In June, the production company Yoon and Joon sued the 32-year-old actress for damages worth 1 billion won (100,000won = RM359). They claimed that Kim failed to carry out her obligation to play the lead in the movie Thursday’s Child, which resulted in damages worth 2.3 billion won because production was halted.

However, the court ruled that production came to a standstill not because of Kim, but the director, who was hired by the production company. The court said that the director failed to handle the situation responsibly. Kim will not even have to repay her fee.

The flick Thursday’s Child eventually evolved into Seven Days starring Kim Yun-jin. The Lost (US TV series) actress made her comeback to Korean cinema in the flick. It was released in Korea last month.

Source: Digital Chosunilbo

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