Saturday, 22 December 2007

Bi's scandalous shirt makes it to Singapore press

Apologies to all non Rain fans (Pauline :-)) for the double Bi posts, but this little nugget of information is too good to let slip.

After much talk about the Energizer Bunny's Boobies Shirt, K-popped! discovered that the news made it to Singapore's press, The Electric New Paper to be exact.

A screen capture showing the article on The New Paper.
Highlighted in yellow is the bit part on K-popped!

Why are we telling you this? Because, dear readers, your comments have been heard on K-popped! as the paper actually quoted some of you. Serious!

Heads up Giddy Bloom, Anon (who described the shirt as "rude and vulgar"), Ladida and our very own Orchid. You've been mentioned in the article entitled Fans mad with Rain (dated Dec 21).

Don't believe us? Hit this link to read the article yourself.

What about the Energizer Bunny's shirt?
Rain's scandalous shirt
Rain's "scandalous" shirt - Part 2

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kpop_rub said...

WoooHooo to k-popped for making THE NEWS!! I am soooo thankful to god they didn't mention me!

Gail T. said...

i'm also a non rain fan. but kudos on the mention. you've arrived. :D

Anonymous said...

I like your site, but realistically, an online news site getting information from blog sites isn't that credible. :\ Sorry, I find that lazy journalism on their part.

Anon said...

YES!!! I'm famous!

blinkable said...

CONGRATS! uhm..this is an online world after all so of course you will get online news site quoting on online forums and blogs..if you want the real news go to the real world then ^^ Kpopped this is an achievement! Yahoo!

ladida said...

yeah, i saw this article on rain-usa yesterday...i agreed w/anonymous; i thought the reporter was lazy too -- her credibility doesn't sit very high in my book...but hey, at least i got my 2 sec of fame while i was out..hehe..

dropdeadbarbi said...

That shirt is awesome!


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