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Daddy Long Legs (2004)

Korean title: 키다리 아저씨 (Ki-da-ri A-ju-sshi)

What's popping:

Wow, I'm impressed. How did they go make a stalker movie so romantic? The flick could go the way of a chiller – crazy stalker person from college years continues to stalk at the workplace – but surprisingly, it turned out to be a rather sweet love story.

Love blossoms at a radio station...well technically, it's unrequited love.

Young-mi (Ha Ji-won,하지원) is an orphan who has always had her needs met by a mysterious benefactor, whom she nicknames Daddy Long Legs.

While living in a rent-free home, she discovers an e-mail written by the previous tenant detailing her sad, unrequited love story.

Since Young-mi works as a script writer at the radio station, she decides to air the heartrending story in hopes of finding the lady her one true love.

Meanwhile, Young-mi finds herself attracted to an unassuming and quiet librarian named Jun-ho (Yeon Jung-hoon, 연정훈).

Flowers for the lady: Oh please say it comes with the man
as well ;-). Young-mi and Jun-ho take a stroll through the flower market

As things turn out, Young-mi discovers clues that lead her to suspect Jun-ho to be the man in the lady’s love story.

However, there's a pleasant twist to the plot as everything comes to a head when the identity of Daddy Long Legs is revealed, an illness is made known (hey, it's a Korean flick, after all) and a little role reversal is thrown into the mix.

Suffice to say that the red herring the filmmakers throw at you works really well here. You'll be taken for a ride, alright, but you don't feel cheated at the end of it. Also, the flick could get a little soppy, but never manipulative.

I personally think it's because of Yeon Jung-hoon, he played his part so well, you can't help but love the character. I think I just gave away the plot, didn't I? I’ll stop writing now.

My, what lovely dimples you have: Hyunbin flashes his
God-given assets to the boys

Oh no, wait. I can't stop writing without saying that Hyunbin (My Lovely Sam-soon star) has a supporting role in the flick. He appears in the flashback scenes. Apparently, the only thing Orchid took away from the flick is Hyunbin and his dimples. Sigh…so disappointed ;-).

The plot:

Loosely-inspired by Jean Webster's 1912 novel of the same name. What is the novel about? Well, it follows the protagonist, a young girl named Jerusha "Judy" Abbott through her college years. She writes letters to her mysterious benefactor, a rich man whom she has never met.

Watch it:

You'll have to get the DVD but I watched it on:
  • 8TV – free TV – (Astro Channel 708)
  • Dec 8
  • 8.30 - 10.30pm
  • Korean with Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese subtitles
Pics credit: HanCinema

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hanie said...

hi liz..
i've already watched it..
ok lor...i watched bcoz of hyun bin but oppa hv a few scenes only..
'nway, that ireland series, sucks... i hate that lead actress!! *frown*

Liz said...

Hi Hanie, what Ireland series?

Gail T. said...

liz, it's a korean drama starring hyun bin. i believe it was after my lovely sam soon but before snow queen. haven't seen it though because of the bad reviews.

Anonymous said...

I loved Daddy Long Legs!
It started off really "boring", but I'm glad I watched it, because the twist made me LOVE IT, and re-watch it so I could connect everything xD
when is my 연정훈 getting out of the army T_T

fraulein said...

Before I got into my Rain craze, I was mad about Hyun Bin and went on an all-out search for all the dramas he did before My Lovely Samsoon. I was about to give up when I found 'Daddy Long legs " in a video store in kuantan.. I've seen it & I can only say it's passable...
Hvnt seen Ireland. Heard it's not that great.

Orchid said...

Fraulein, when did Rain overtake Hyun Bin as your #1? After you saw Rain's I'm Coming concert? Or after Full House?

Gosh you found "Daddy Long Legs" in Kuantan, Pahang? Of all places. =)

I think you would be disappointed because Hyun Bin only makes a cameo appearance in "Daddy Long Legs".

I first saw Ha Ji-won in 100 Days with Mr Arrogant and i thought she wasn't very pretty. In fact not pretty at all. But now, that i've seen more of in Love, So Divine with Kwon Sangwoo, i am warming up to her. And i think she has a great body!

Liz said...

Hi Gail, thanks. I went and check Hyunbin's profile at our site (duh) and noticed that Ireland is a 2004 drama. He did that before My Lovely Sam-soon. Hee hee...

fraulein said...

I liked rain after full house, but I caught on quite late. most of my friends saw it in 2005 but I only caught it in sep 2006, ironically after my friend suggested I look for another delish star to get over being so hung up on hyun bin.

I was mesmerized by his Young-jae portrayal & charisma. Then I bought the I'm Coming, album 4 when it was released in Oct 06. From then onwards, there was no looking back, kinda like crack, come to think of it. hahaha.

I went backwards- looking for albums 3, 2 & 1.

Yep, found daddy long legs in Pahang of all places. I went to visit relatives in kuantan, maybe next time i shld stop by KL and say hi to the k-popped trio ! Wait, is it duo since rooster is in beijing?

Orchid said...

Fraulein, did you manage to find all of Rain's albums?

I found Bi's second album in Beijing. But i still can't find his 1st album. Maybe need to go to Seoul for that ;-) hahaha...

Yeah, let us know if you are in KL. Yes it's only the K-popped! duo in Malaysia most of the time. Rooster's a KL gal in Beijing.

fraulein said...

Yep, I managed to get his 1st album on yesasia. Try looking for it there.. i have the link but not here with me now. If u cannot find it, let me know. Or drop me an email cos work is keeping me really really busy these days and i hardly can find time to read k-popped : (

fraulein said...

Sure, will let u know if i go to KL

What a coincidence, i got the Bi
1st album in china too (shanghai)
It cost like the equivalent of 4 singapore dollars. cheap!isnt it?

ladida said...

hi fraulein, i lagged behind u by 6 mos. My sis had FH since feb/07 but i finally got around to watch it like 2mos later. Frankly, i didn't like his char at 1st -- thought he was too cocky (yeh, he played the meany role well ;->); but after the 2nd/3rd ep, i grew very fond of him. He & shk made a marvelous team! it was by far the best romantic comedy I've ever saw this yr. I'd only become his real fan when one day i accidentally stumbled upon him on YT. At that time, I wasn't searching for this "Rain" (didn't have a clue that was even his name) but for a taiwanese actress who I incorrectly thought was named "Rain/Rainie". Ever since I saw his live perf. clips (good thing they weren't lip-syncing perf; i have a bias towards non lip syncers), my passion for Rain continues to spiral upward. Since discovering him, I managed to collect all of his k-dramas + cds (except the 2nd album)

fraulein said...

Nice to know ya, Ladida ; )


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