Sunday, 2 December 2007

Han Ye-seul (한예슬)

Nicknamed Barbie Doll, the model-turned-actress got her break into showbiz when she won a modelling competition in 2001.

The plastic beauty became a star after appearing in the MBC drama Nonstop 4 in 2003. However, she became even more popular through the 2006 drama series Couple or Trouble (currently showing on Malaysia's 8TV). In the drama, she plays Anna Jo, a haughty actress who has amnesia.

Born Kim Ye-seul, the 25-year-old speaks fluent English because she was born and raised in Los Angeles. She reportedly graduated from Cerritos College with a degree in computer graphics.

Ye-seul, who loves acting, ironically doesn't like watching dramas or movies. One of her goals is to break into Hollywood some day.


Real name: Kim Ye-seul (김예슬) / Leslie Kim
Stage name: Han Ye-seul (한예슬)
Nickname: Barbie Doll
Date of birth: Sept 18, 1982
Height: 166cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: A
Education: Cerritos College - Computer graphics
Religion: Christian


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TV dramas:
Source: HanCinema & DramaWiki
Pic credit: HanCinema

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fraulein said...

So that explains why she spoke "unkoreanlike" english w/out that strong korean accent in ep 1 of Couple or Trouble (that auction scene)

I even replayed the scene in mandarin to make sure it was not the dubbing artiste's voice

Way to go, Han Ye-seul! = )

hanie said...

she's a plastic beauty?? wow.. i'm impressed.. do u hv her before and after look?? *grin*
'nway i like her in fantasy couple..

Anonymous said...

I think she is definitely a plastic beauty because in many of her photo shoots she resembles the Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing A LOT.

Fan of hers said...

she's NOT a plastic beauty ;)! check this out:

fan of hers said...

and erm... it's ironic bcoz the one who had cosmetic surgery is fan bingbing:

Anonymous said...

omg.. she went to cerritos college?! thats near where i live! no wonder she spoke english fluently in the drama fantasy couple! lol. what a small world..


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