Sunday, 2 December 2007

Park Jin-young on Happy Sunday

Park Jin-young (JYP), who just released his 7th album "Comeback to Stage" was on the Korean variety show Happy Sunday (KBS World) today. Due to his comeback after a 6-year hiatus from singing and dancing, the Korean media has written much about him. But alas, i still can't read Hangul. :-(

JYP is also featured on Korean TV and from the two interviews that i have seen, i am surprised to find out that the successful producer and music mogul is really very down-to-earth! He comes across as friendly, unassuming (despite his achievements) and goofy even.

JYP is funny and unassuming and
laughs a lot on Happy Sunday

There are no English subtitles on Happy Sunday, so i'll just guess what they are doing. Here are some screen caps to illustrate...

They have a list of JYP's older hits like "Feel", "Honey", etc... and MC Tak and four others are supposed to mimic JYP's dancing in the music videos - it's hilarious!

The list unveils JYP's older hits.
They are talking
about JYP's outrageous stage outfits.

JYP sings for the Happy Sunday gang and the ladies are pleased

MC Tak and his funny antics makes JYP laugh...

...and laugh...'till he sheds tears of joy

At 35, JYP is looking very healthy and toned after losing 10kg's for his album debut. I think he looks really good now...even better than before. Although, i hope he will stop wearing those outrageous outfits on stage.

JYP and one of his outrageous outfits!

Multi-talented JYP even tap dances!
Here he demonstrates how its done to the Happy Sunday gang.

Tak Jae-hoon (not MC Yoo as i thought) tap dancing...

Are you a fan of JYP and owns his previous albums? I have not seen any of his albums on sale here in Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Actually Yoo Jae Sok is not the host of this show. The host is Tak Jae Hoon. He is a singer and actor. He used to be in a group with Shin Jong Hwan named Country Kko Kko

Anonymous said...

I was just about to second their comment. If anything it's MC Tak

Orchid said...

Hahaha...thanks for the jolt to reality guys. I thought he was MC Yoo.

No wonder he can sing, dance and tap dance so well to JYP's songs. Tak Jae-hoon used to be a singer too!

Does anyone know who's the guy in the Mickey Mouse sweater with bowl cut hairstyle?

poppins said...

that guy is shin jung hwan or sometimes known as miss shin. i used to watch him in old xman series. his a funny guy..

Liz said...

Yeah, I am so surprised JYP has no airs about him at all. And he is kinda goofy. Loved the part where he laughed until he cried.

He's cool...JYP rocks!

Anonymous said...

He looks like an old Chester to me.

ladida said...

wow, u guys are unbelievable! u really know your kpops...yeah, it's nice to see the loose side of jyp. I always picture him as a stern, no-nonsense, serious type (vids of him training/lecturing/correcting his understudies - WG, Lim J?(sorry I can't think of her name right now but she sang a duet with Rain "cassiopeia")). But then I got to see his fun side too when he & Rain visited China back in the days when Rain wasn't really famous. So, I guess JYP is a true pro; he knows how to separate his work from pleasures. That's why he's good at what he's doing

Rooster said...

But I still can't get his possessed stage photos out of my head. hee hee


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