Thursday, 6 December 2007

Hyunbin’s official website

So you’re like Orchid, crazy over Hyun Bin, are you? Well, here’s excellent news for all Hyunbin fans. The actor has an official website and after a little surfing around, I’m so happy to report that whoever built it remembered us English-literate (only) fans.

Thank you, thank you…I could kiss you, whoever you are.

Yeah baby, that's more like it. I can understand!

Make a beeline for the English (drop down menu on the right) version of the site and knock yourself out reading about the 25-year-old.

There’s a video greeting from the man himself, his profile and a complete filmography (including MVs and CFs).

Apart from that, there's also a photo gallery, multimedia section (behind-the-scenes clips of his CFs!), the actor’s schedule (hey, why isn’t Malaysia on it?!) and an e-catalog that doesn’t seem to do anything when clicked upon.

Apparently, the site is also selling a Hyunbin 2008 calendar. I can’t find the link to it but here are some pictures of it.


Double hawt!

Nice huh? Now wouldn’t that make a lovely Christmas present? ;-)

Surfing: Hyun Bin’s official website

Source & Pics credit: Soy @ Soompi

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Orchid said...


Thanks for this good piece of info Liz. Finally a website for Hyun Bin with some English words in it! Cool...

Anonymous said...

oh my GOD...that is one meat...hahahahah

wizardgiggs said...

yeah!!!english! finally.. haaaa..he is so cute!!! i love him so much! by the way. i love your blog.. haaaa.. because its english!

hanie said...

hi u girls..
*excited vibe* i've been there, the website!!!!
there r sooo many pics of the mighty fine hyun bin!!! but i didnt notice about the calendar...

Liz said...

Hi hanie, yeah I didn't find the link to the calender as well, undortunately :-(

Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

Hi Orchid, this website was up quite for quite some time, I think last December. However, Hyun Bin's schedule and news are often not updated. I wrote in to complain once. Other than the videos and pictures, I find this website quite dead. I think even K-popped provides more up-to-date information and activities of Hyun Bin. :)

Florence said...

You'll only find the informaiton about 2 Hyun Bin's merchandise in the Korean version of his website.

Got this information as I sent an email to HB Family(

1)Calendar (US$17)
2)DVD box set about his fan meeting in Japan last year. It's 2 DVDs in 1 set: 1 for his birthday party & fan club open event(80 min). The other for making film. Subtitling in Korean and Japan.

They only take wire transfer and they'll send the above by express mail as soon as payment is confirmed.

Bank Name: Kukmin Bank
Account Holder: Kim Sun Kwan
Account number: 478768-08-100073

They need your information as well:your name, mailing address, quantity you want. Let them know when you complete the wire transfer also.

Send a email to HB Family above as I don't know the express mail charge to Malaysia. I only know that to Macau, China:P

Liz said...

Thanks for the info Florence. The info can only be found on the Korean websitev :-( Bummer.

Florence said...

Don't worry. Someone at the HB Family speaks English because I don't read any single Korean word. I sent them an email in English and they provided me the information in English, too:)

aisan said...

hey liz could you tell hyun bin to check his this id and read them

aisan said...

do you know how i can communicate with hyun bin does anyone know how to find his email address?

angelita said...

could you please be my older brother?I don't have any any older brother!
you acts very perfect



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