Thursday, 6 December 2007

Korea-China song festival in Beijing!

The 9th Korea-China song festival will be held in the city of Beijing on Dec 6! Huh, that’s like, TODAY.

The festival, which will feature Korean and Chinese artists, marks the 15th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Korean boyband Paran is in Beijing today

Here are the performers scheduled to appear at the festival (why didn’t the report say where and what time? Bad reporting. Rooster, any ideas?)
  • Traditional drum player Choi So-ri
  • B-boy team T.I.P.
  • Dancer/ singer Poppin Hyunjun
  • Singer Maya and a Chinese singer will sing Tianmimi in Chinese
  • Paran and Chinese singers will sing the theme song of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Hand in Hand as a gesture in wishing success to the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • A TVXQ member will duet with a Chinese singer to sing about the friendship between Korea and China
  • Lee Jung-hyun, Wheesung (isn’t he supposed to be carrying out his military duty already?) and Baby VOX Re.V are set to appear as well
Source: KBS Global

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kpop_rub said...

OH wow that sounds exciting!! I love Paran (omg RYAN) and Lee Jung Hyun is what introduced me to k-pop pretty much-- and Of course TVXQ~!! ahhhh I wish I was there, or that they'd come here :-P

Orchid said...

It doesn't say which TVXQ member will be dueting with a Chinese singer?
Xiah probably...huh?

Liz said...

Yeah, I'm thinking Xiah too! Saranghae Xiah!

Arin said...

yes, it will be Xiah for sure.
i've read it somewhere.
and well, who usually sings solo? lol
and the chinese girl that will duet with him is.. i forgot the them.. something that sounds like sun yue? haha

anyway, haha. Paran!!
im not a big fan of Paran but still listen to some of their songs. Ace and Ryan ^^
p/s: Paran is starting their Asia Tour soon! the latest article includes singapore. no Malaysia T_T

Arin said...

"i forgot the them.."

sorry, i mean, forgot the name. lol. *silly mistake*

Orchid said...

Only Xiah sings solo? How about Hero?

Anonymous said...

other parts of ASIA r so lucky to have these privileges..seeing more Korean Artists


Rooster said...

urgh, i couldn't tell you where the concert was. my knowledge of chinese characters is not so great yet, so perusing the chinese news sites was of no help. :(

Liz said...

Heya Rooster, no probs. It's not like I'd get to attend the festival :-).

Dottie said...

Hahaha, it has to be Xiah. Hero's voice is soothing but Xiah's is strong and amazing. Sorry, just my personal opinion. But I really don't get the deal with Zhang riyin...

Dottie said...

Dear Rooster ~ you're so funny! I can read Chinese so if you need me to help with anything let me know k? :)

Rooster said...

Haha! Thanks Dottie!

blinkable said...

er rooster then how you managed to survive at Beijing? I am chinese-illiterate *haha*

Rooster said...

Hi blinkable,

I do speak mandarin and am able to read a little, but not enough to decipher a newspaper... boo hoo.

Anonymous said...

do you know that Paran will having concert in Malaysia? & U-Kiss is the guest artist?


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