Thursday, 20 December 2007

Infinity Challenge 2008 Calendar

Want a calendar that puts a smile on your face whenever you look at it? Well, check out the 2008 Infinity Challenge (Muhan Dojeon) calendar! I haven't seen Infinity Challenge (무한도전) yet myself, but have heard lots about it.

All i know is that
Infinity Challenge is MBC's very popular variety show, hosted by MC Yoo Jae Seok, Haha, Park Myung Soo, No Hong chul, Jung Hyung Don and Jung Joon Ha. To tell you the truth, i only recognise MC Yoo and Haha!! Paris Hilton appeared in an episode when she visited Seoul.

Viewers of the variety show are all clamouring for a copy of the "Muhan Dojeon calendar".

Pic credits: Newsen

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ladida said...

I have seen these dudes on YT; haha's my fav..actually I like him & his best pal, mc mong..those 2 are a riot when they're on a show together

Dottie said...

I love these guys! I always enjoy them on Xman & Love Letter. They prove that talent is the true essence of success.

blinkable said...

do we get infinity challenge on KBS World?? *haha* I dont think I hv watch any episode of the show b4! But I do recognise them from other shows!

Dottie said...

I think they're rivals so probably not! :)

Anonymous said...

lol i wan't


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