Thursday, 20 December 2007

Eugene models for Smash Box

Eugene (26) of Love Truly and member of the trio SES models for Smash Box cosmetics (스매시 박스). Here are some shots of her modeling, taken on 19 Dec.

Seeing double? Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene)
shows off her flawless complexion

Pics credit: Newsen

A peak into Eugene's home

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ladida said...

is she the same girl who played in "wonderful life"? i like that drama

blinkable said...

on the 3 pic I think..are those marks on her right arm??

Orchid said...

Blinkable: Yeah i thought those look like scars on her arm. But don't know how she got them.

Ladida: Yes, she's the girl in "Wonderful Life".

blinkable said...

I read in another blog whereby there's even a comment that it looks something like allergic reactions?? jus thought I mention it here *haha*

Goddess of Dawn said...

She got those scar when she was still young..It has been scalded by a hot drink.


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