Saturday, 22 December 2007

Jang Dong-gun & Hyun Bin help poor learn English

Korean "Playboys" take part in a program to help the
underprivileged and rural folks learn English

Korean actors Jang Dong-gun, Hyun Bin, Kim Seung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Joo Jin-moo, Ji Jin-hee and Gong Hyung-jin will be participating in a campaign to help underprivileged and poor students in fishermen villages obtain more opportunities to learn English.

All seven actors mentioned above are members of the baseball team "Playboys". They have volunteered to participate in the campaign called "
Antenna of Love", a TV program organized by EBS English Channel.

Who would have knew, chit chat on the pitch
could materialize into this. Hyun Bin & Jang Dong-gun in
their "Playboy" baseball uniforms.

"Antenna of Love" is sponsored by the educational department, EBS and Sky Life. In this program, a total of 1000 antennas will be installed in the outskirts so that poor students living in rural areas can receive and watch programs that are broadcast via satellite signal. This will help them receive free EBS English channel content for 3 years.

Each of the seven actors recorded a two-part video clip on their very own experience with learning the English language. The actors also emphasizes on the importance of English education and promotes how the EBS English channel could be utilized.

Jang Dong-gun's Antenna of Love campaign clip

Gosh, this is so heartwarming to hear and i like this program a lot. =) Hmmm...i also want to watch Hyun Bin's campaign clip! Hey, let us know if any of you come across it ok?

Source: Just Jang Dong Gun, Yonhap News
Pics credit: Newsen, Sports Conga, EBSe

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kpop_rub said...

HAHA Hyun Bin should campaign to teach himself English *cringes at the thought of his English lines in Kim Sam Soon*

pauline said...

HAHAHA.....i was just going to post the same thing...which one can actually speak English well enough to understand....but it's the thought that counts ...right?..i am having such a hard time learning Korean,i need those guys plus ten more to help me..any volunteers?????????

nad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nad said...

hi Orchid!
oraenmanida... :)
Have you seen Hyun Bin's latest pictures in Han Jae-suk's mother's funeral?
He was in complete black suit and as usual, so irresistable smoking hot...
His hair is quite short and neat and I love it..
If you haven't yet, you should see it.. Sharing obsession is my hobby..
By the way, keep on the good works!*thumb up*

Orchid said...

hi nad,

Thanks for sharing the news! After reading your comment, i went to surf for Hyun Bin pics at Han Jae-suk's mother's funeral. I agree with you. He wore all black and looks nice. =) Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find these pictures of beautiful Hyun Bin dressed all in black? He's beautiful no matter what he wears!!

Orchid said...

hi anonymous, you can see those pics of Hyun Bin on Popseoul.

Stars support Han Jae Suk, a mourning son

Hyun Bin was attending Han Jae Suk's mother's funeral.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Hyun Bin is beautiful. But it's such a shame that these celebrities must face cameras all the time. I love to see them, but at the same time I feel ashamed that I am seeing them during their hardest times too, when they really want and need privacy.



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