Sunday, 23 December 2007

Kumi Koda & Tohoshinki on Music Station

Sexy J-pop singer Kumi Koda and Tohoshinki, better known as TVXQ, performed the song Last Angel on Music Station.

Kumi Koda featuring Tohoshinki a.k.a. TVXQ a.k.a. DBSK

When interviewed by the show's hosts (initially, I thought the ajusshi with the sunnies on was blind), Kumi Koda said that the song is to encourage young girls to do what they want and hold on to their dreams.

Xiah & Kumi Koda sing about never giving up on your dreams

Hero does his thang...still lookin' pretty

The TVXQ boys & Kumi Koda sing, destroying sumthin'

Sexy Kumi Koda gives viewers the come hither look

Music Station is a long-running Japanese music program that is shown on Astro's Animax channel (Channel 715). I caught the 2pm - 3pm show on Dec 22.

Xiah (left) & Hero "stand up from misery"

Kumi Koda makes sure her mic is working

U-Know sings about "saving his baby forever"...whatever that means

Sorry about the lousy TV stills, I was busy wrapping presents when they came on.

Final pose: Everyone stands at an angle so they can look
slimmer on TV

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JiShin 지신 said...

Thanks man! You made me LOL~! XDDD

inquinn said...

ahh good thing dbsk didn't appear in the interview segment, otherwise my sister would go mad knowing she missed catching dbsk on malaysian tv. thanks k-popped!

pauline said...

why would any self respecting young Korean have to stand at an ANGLE to look slimmer? they have cornered the market on that subject.....wish i knew their secret..Ha!!!Haa!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! I missed the show! I wanna see them performing and dance along!!

blinkable said...

oh man I missed this too! This is what happen when you are too preoccupied watching the 2nd Asia Tour Concert DVD..*ahem* *cough* *haha* *runs off to look for it on Veoh or YT*

Anonymous said...

what’s really freaky is how different kumi-chan looks before she had her huge makeover and became a big star


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