Wednesday, 5 December 2007

JYP gets together with sexy Kim Hyesoo

JYP performed at the recent 6th Korean Film Awards. Midway during his repertoire, he stepped off stage and sashayed over to sexy Kim Hye-soo who was sitting right in front. He whips out a white mobile phone out of nowhere, and hands the phone to Kim, gesturing that she should call him, and he will be waiting for her to call.

So do you think she would call him back?

Then today, we find this photo of JYP and Kim Hyesoo snuggling up on the Internet.

Does JYP and Kim Hyesoo
make a handsome couple?

Ahhh...before you jump into any conclusions, this pic is from JYP's new music video -
"That house you live in" (니가사는 그집). He got sexy Kim Hyesoo to star in it. I think the 37-year-old actress of "The 11th Mom" and "Tazza: The High Rollers" is really hot. Hotter than Uhm Jung-hwa (36) in my opinion. Kim has been labeled Korea's ultimate sex symbol.

The MV is reported to be released mid-December.

JYP performs at the 6th Korean Film Awards (01 Dec 2007)

Pic credit: MyDaily

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Tan said...

That is really a short skirt Kim Hyesoo is wearing... very sexy...
Did u gals do any profile on Kim Hyesoo???

Anyway... I tot JYP's first few dance sequence looked quite hilarious especially the one where he wore the white suit. Errr... no offence here... but he look like he really "shiok sendiri". hehehe... good for him I tot, but err... the music is quite good but he dun look sexy at all...

Liz said...

My gosh, she has an excellent butt. I want a butt like that!


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