Tuesday, 11 December 2007

K-popped! kitchen: Kimchi Jjigae

I was away for a couple of days and when I got home this morning, I realised that my stash of vegetable odds and ends in the refrigerator were about a day away from becoming a giant compost heap. Then I remembered the K-popped! Trio's Beijing adventure last month when we had Kimchi Jjigae and the dish had all sorts of veggies mixed in it. After some brief recipe surfing on the web, it didn't seem difficult to make at all. Yes! A full belly AND an entry for K-popped! Ha ha!

So here's my version of this nutritious stew. Probably not very authentic as I'm no Korean chef so to all you Korean cooks out there - if I really botched something here, do feel free to knock me on the noggin.

Step 1: Ingredients!
Eggplant (cubed), carrots, fresh mushrooms (I had crimini, but shitakes would've
been perfect!), green beans, tomatoes (chunks), leeks (sliced),
ginger (thinly sliced),
garlic (crushed and chopped), tofu and
kimchi (about 1 cup chopped into strips).

I had everything on hand except for the kimchi which I quickly
grabbed from the supermarket nearby.

Step 2: Sautée!
Over medium heat, sautée garlic and ginger with sesame oil until fragrant.

Step 3: Into the pot!
Turn off the heat and dump the vegetables and the kimchi into the pot.

Step 4: Add water and boil!
I added about 2 1/2 bowls of water, gave the veggies a good mix then
turned on the heat to medium high bringing the
stew to a boil.

The reason why I turned off the heat after saut
éing was because
I wanted the
vegetables to slowly leach out their liquid.

Step 5: Simmer!
When the stew started bubbling and hissing, I covered the pot,
brought the heat to low and let it simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Step 6: Add tofu!
The tofu I had on hand was super soft so I added it towards the end otherwise
it would've broken into little... tofulets... er, yea. Simmer for another 5 minutes.

If you have a firmer tofu, you can add it during
Step 3 and skip this step.

Step 7: Serve and eat!
Yum! I have to say it was pretty good, and so easy too!
Hmm, Rain's favourite dish huh? He must be a very simple man. :D

To Orchid: Ah, blogger is on the fritz in China again so I can't make comments. I'll hitch a comment here... hee hee. Yes, I go to Paris Baguette all the time! If we had known earlier, Tous Les Jour wouldn't have been the only bakery featured on K-popped!

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rocketfuel said...

Tomatoes? that's kind of different...but the nutrional value is good, carrots too. Usually, I use spam or porkbelly, chicken stock, kimchee, and some extra veggies.

Orchid said...

Rooster, thanks for the entry. Kimchi jjigae looks so easy to cook. But you do need good kimchi though (can hardly get it here). The ones we get are in plastic containers which contents look dodgy!

Thanks for sharing, wah...now everyone can cook Rain's favourite dish.

Rocketfuel...you cook too? Cool!

hanie said...

the dish looks easy to make and yummy..the ingredients r easy to find xcept kimchi.. where to find good kimchi here???

Liz said...

Heya Rooster, it does sound do-able! I think I can make it.

Yay, thank God for simple yet hot men! :-)

ladida said...

it looks delish! it does sound do-able, but knowing me I'll prob'ly mess it up somehow. See I read off from the step-by-step recipe instructions with photos whenever i cook. Most of the time, the dishes never turn out the same as the book! Plus the piles of pots & pans & dishes in the sink & tons of grease spills all over the stove countertops/floor at the end of the day easily destroyed the happy & giddy mood I had prior to cooking...hehe..but the many numerous unfavorable outcome won't deter me from cooking of course; like they say when first you don't succeed, try, try [40x] again

kpop_rub said...

OOO Beautiful job there! I love the photos too! My food photos never come out quite so nice. I have never tried this stew before but it's vegan, total score. I'd love to try making it since I have pretty much all the ingredients on hand.

Orchid said...

Let us know how it turns out kpop_rub!

Lee Chien said...

wow.... delicious...

rooster said...

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I didn't have to season the stew with salt because there was enough salt from the kimchi.

So there normally isn't tomatoes in kimchi jjigae? Okay, perhaps I'll try another version without it. The tomatoes did add some sweetness since I didn't use any meat.

Anonymous said...

Yours looks so good... and yet I hate kimchi

Anonymous said...

You can throw pretty much anything into kimchi jjigae. Everyone has a different recipe. It's kind of our version of left over stew. We often make it with leftovers.

rocketfuel said...


No reason to take out the tomatoes next time, cook what you like.
Plus, the good thing about Tomatoes is that it has natural MSG & sugar, so it should give your chigae more flavor. It'll also has antioxidant that become more potent when you cook it. ;)


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