Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Lee Da-hae's wedding dress

Is Lee Da-hae, the bubbly My Girl star getting married? Could her Prince Charming be none other than the handsome Lee Dong-wook of the series?

Sorry to burst your bubble (or not, depending on how you look at it), but the 23-year-old is just promoting her upcoming drama series The Robbers. It is scheduled to air in Korea on Jan 2, 2008.

Doesn't she make a lovely bride?

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

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Orchid said...

She looks MUCH BETTER as a rock chick.

I don't think the hair and make-up suits her. She does not look that great in those photos. Could be better.

Dottie said...

Can I say I don't really like her? And I think she was trying waaayyyy too hard to be Kim Sun-a's Samsoon character in 'My Girl'...

fraulein said...

Am i the only one who things her lovely figure is hidden in that rather loose/baggy wedding gown in the first pic?

blinkable said...

how come she looks chubbier here?? *LOL*

Liz said...

Yeah blinkable, she looks kind of chubby here. Maybe it's the camera angle?

Orchid said...

i think it's the makes her chubby. not flattering at all.

Gail T. said...

i agree she looks chubbier here because of her dress. in the drama, she's supposedly a widow with a 5 y.o. child. i'm looking forward to seeing the drama.. because it's da hae!

i wish she's getting married to LDW. i've been shipping those two since I saw My Girl. hehe.

(and dottie, you can say what you honestly feel. i don't bite. hehe. all opinions welcome.)

nisa said...

i think she is a lot more pretty if she do her hair like she did in gree rose.

rh said...

yeah, she look exactly like the main girl in my lovely kimsamsoon.

she is chubby.


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