Thursday, 27 December 2007

Lee Byung-hun encourages you to gamble

While surfing the Hallyu today, I came across an ad for Seven Luck Casino with Lee Byung-hun encouraging visitors to Korea to gamble...and why not lose your life savings while you're at it?

Just $how me the money!

Of course the 37-year-old didn't put it that way in his video message (pic below), he said something along the lines of bringing home "good memory and fortune" when you step out the casino doors.

There are three casinos under the 7 Luck banner, two in Seoul (Seoul Gangnam & Millennium Seoul Hilton) and one in Busan (Busan Lotte).

But if you can't get to any of these casinos and still want to plonk down some moolah because, you know, Byung-hun oppa is encouraging you to do so, you can try the online games.

'Welcome to Korea! It i$ $o nice to $ee you here. Enjoy your $tay'.

Check out the cheesy tagline: If it's your pleasure to visit Korea,then it should be your good fortune to visit Seven Luck.

Good fortune? My @$$.

Source & Pics credit: 7luck

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rubie said...

Hello Liz, finally something on Lee Byung Hun.. thought you've forgotten about him. Thanks for the CF update. ^^

Hopefully on a positive note (after getting all that $$$, hahaa), Seven Luck is also one of the sponsors for the Pusan International Film Festival.

Btw, look out for his new movies in 2008, namely "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" and "I Come With The Rain."

Keep up the good blog, Malaysian sisters! ^^

Anon said...

That's irresponsible. Can he really be that hard-up for endorsement opportunities? Or hey, here's a novel idea: try to make a living off just your job: ACTING.

And Pusan is a major area for Korean mafia. As everyone knows, wherever there is the mafia, there is the gambling "business". Nice to see the Pusan Film Festival doesn't mind being bank-rolled by thugs and gangsters. (sarcasm off)

blinkable said...

Aigoo...perhaps he is just trying to relive his ALL IN hey days ^^

rubie said...

Thanks for the information...

Liz said...

Hey Rubie, nope have not forgotten about Lee Byung-hun ;-). Your most welcome :-)

rubie said...

Thanks Liz for your kind and warm words.

For awhile I thought I was at the wrong place. Oops. Sometimes it takes a gangster to know another. ^^

Anyway, SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 2008. Keep up the good work, ya.

Serene said...

I am now watching All In and yes, the casino must have had his role in All In in mind when they approached him to endorse.

Seven Luck is pretty big in Korea, I gather - from all the billboard and bus ads I saw, isnt it?


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