Thursday, 13 December 2007

Rain and Hyo-ri hook up

Do you think Rain and Lee Hyo-ri would make a good couple? Well, the people at KB card think they make a good combination. Yeah...both Rain and Lee Hyo-ri join forces to promote KB card. I was surfing, and found the above pic on Naver.

Don't be fooled though, both Rain & Hyo-ri did not film or shoot for the promo together. Everything is photo-shopped in the "Rain and Hyo-ri hook-up".

On the KB card website, you will be able to view a short clip of Rain and Hyo-ri promoting the card. Hyo-ri filmed the video in New York.

By the way, what is KB card anyway? Is it a loyalty shopping card like the Jusco card or Bonuslink? Can anyone tell us?

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kpop_rub said...

I know its just rumor but I think they used to date ^^

fraulein said...

Pops in Seoul reported that Rain said on a radio show that he likes a girlfriend like Hyori. He did not mention Hyori, but someone who is like her. The media blew it out of proportion and he had to seek an injunction to stop the rumours from flying further.

I still like the bi-kyo combi though ; )

kpop_rub said...

Yeah but at the time they spent ALOT of time together xD This was before full house but I think they had a lil something going on!

agasshi said...

the kb card is a credit card. kb stands for kookmin bank :) hyori took boa's place in the ads

p.s. i heard rain mentioned he hooked up with hyori on a radio show because he didn't know he was on air.
i refuse to believe this rumor, as in my head, rain only has eyes for me teehee

Orchid said...

Hi Agasshi, thanks for explaining about the KB card! =)

fraulein said...

Hi kpop_rub,

i wouldnt rule that out ; )

nimwai said...

NO NO NO! how can rain date that slut ....normaly i would understand if it was song hye kyo or the chick from i'm a cyborg BUT HYORI.....PLEASE RAIN DO BETTER

NOTE:this is coming from an addict fan that buys all of his products!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor about Bi bragging about having sex with Hyori?

angels.30 said...

if ever true that Bi had a one night stand with Hyori, then I think Bi is intitle to his emotions towards Hyori, his a human being just like us and he can possibly do these things esp. a guy like him whose very popular and we all know that girls are all over him even the actresses or models. But in contrary, Bi is too good for Hyori, its my opinion. I think he deserves someone like Song Hye Kyu., Bi needs to be very careful on who he gets involved with to maintain his good image in the industry. I really like him so much that I would want to see him happy in the end and find his ideal girl.


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