Friday, 14 December 2007

Comedian pens English study book

Funnyman Kim Young-cheol has become an English language evangelist by publishing an English study book based on his own experiences while learning the language. (Hmm, the cover of the book looks very Korean, no?).

Kim has studied English very diligently by taking early morning classes and has reached an advanced level. He is even said to be qualified to teach a basic course of the language at universities.

His success story of being able to grasp the language without studying abroad is an encouragement to fellow Koreans.

Kim said: “The book is based on my own experience of the typical symptoms of fear and frustration when learning English. But I overcame it with audacity (surely you mean perseverance, Mr. Kim?).

“Mistakes are an entitled right whenever people learn English as a second language. You confidently speak English only as much as you know, (Amen!)” he added.

His hope is that students struggling with the language will find it useful, especially those who are still unable to speak a word of English after years of study, as well as those who rarely complete the English course they sign up for.

All the best, Mr. Kim! I hope your book will be of benefit to many.

Source & Pic credit: KBS Global

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1 Comment:

ladida said...

i wonder if he speaks American, Canadian, or British English?..well, just like we get free music listening samples in the store/online, he can grant buyers a preview to his english speaking skills before they make a purchase


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