Sunday, 30 December 2007

Rain spotted in KL and PJ

Not in the flesh, mind you, but his adverts for CLEAR shampoo have been seen in and around the Klang Valley.

Apart from that, the Energizer Bunny’s TV commercial – in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and English – has been playing for quite some time now.

Back to the adverts: one billboard is located in Kuala Lumpur at the Old Klang Road stretch (pic below), specifically at the crossroads leading into Taman Danau Desa.

The Bahasa Malaysia (BM) words on the top left of the billboard translates
to: 'I am confident with Clear. I use it everyday.' The words on the
bottom left just below CLEAR read: 'No dandruff.'

The other advert is in Petaling Jaya, specifically in Tesco Mutiara Damansara (pic below). It’s an ad above the shelves at the toiletries section.

The BM words read: Prevents the re-occurrence of dandruff.
'I am confident with CLEAR.'

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Arin said...

haha. this ad makes Rain even more famous!
even some of my relatives who don't like K-pop know this and always imitate him by saying 'Nama Saya Rain..' in front of me. HAHAHAHHA xD

btw, i also spotted 2 billboards in Penang when i was there for a holiday.
one is at Queensbay, while the other one..... herm, i forgot.
anyone from Penang? ^^

how i wish Kuala Terengganu would have at least one of these too..

Orchid said...

Did you guys notice Rain's signature on the giant billboard?

He signed off with the Chinese character of his name Rain (pronounced "yee").

meiruo_chan said...

arin...are you form kuala terengganu. hohoho...i'm from k.t too!

Arin said...

ahh, really?
gah, i can't read Chinese.
anyway, im totally lost but Clear is product from which country??
and did he shoot that CF for the international ad.
or just Malaysia? or Asia?
sorry, as i've mentioned before, im lost!

ahhh. you're from KT too?
that's so cool.
it's really rare to come across a Terengganu k-pop fan! ^^

jennie said...

someone told my friend that SHK'grandmother is living inMalaysia???????

ladida said...

yayyhh, orchid is right; i see "yee" (rain) -- mind u, i'm illiterate in chinese but I can recognize a few basic characters. Also i could be completely wrong but when i blew up that billboard, i thought he signed his initials (jjh) in "yee" too..

deb from the city said...

Hahahahaha! This ad!!! When my bro came back from outstation after three weeks (this was months ago..), he saw the brand new billboard in SS19 area there, he was like, "WA! ISN'T THAT RAIN? HIS FACE SO CLEAR WOR! I WANT THAT THING!" Then I was like, "Eh.. That one is shampoo ad lah!"

I saw his signature before.... Yes there's the chinese character there... He combined his "Yu"(Chinese), "Bi"(Korean) and "Pi"(Japanese) altogether.... I think. I recognized "Bi" and "Yu" and I think there's "Pi" too. xD

Orchid said...

What you guys analyzed Rain's signature. hehehe.

Didn't know he's so artistic and can combine the Chinese, Korean & Japanese characters PLUS add in JJH in it too! =)

blinkable said...

Uhm nothing much from me except my family was asking how much the TV ad cost since Bi was in it *grin*

Anonymous said...

yeahh...i saw a few in KL also, near National Museum......

malaygirl said...

From what I gather. Malaysia got the biggest billboard CLEAR and among the first Asian countries that aired this CF. This CF only for Asian market. How much he made with this ad. Sure bomb. I guess no other Asian celeb had this major CF yet.

fanbutnotfanatic said...

just a funny anecdote; rain's clear ad has been running on philippine tv for a few months now. near the ending of his cf he said "my name is rain", my not-into-anything-korean cousin turned his head to me and asked "is this 'wayne' persona a big star in korea?" I wasn't sure if I were to pity my clueless cousin or laugh when he mistook 'rain' for 'wayne' since that's how it really sounded (esp. if you don't know who he is). well, I just feel sad for rain then because that's just one proof that he does gets lost in translation.

Liz said...

ha ha ha, fanbutnotfanatic, thanks for sharing the anecdote. It is kinda funny :-)


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