Sunday, 30 December 2007

Kozine for K-popped! Singaporeans

My 언니 residing in Singapore came home for Christmas and brought with her a Korean-English magazine called Kozine.

Cute kids on the cover of the magazine

It’s apparently the "No. 1 Korean-English Lifestyle Magazine" that is distributed in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Singapore.

Some useful Korean phrases for the holiday season! (top right)

The dual-language mag has items on entertainment, food, shopping, travel, education and news. The December 2007 issue features Bae Yong-joon and his hit historical drama The Legend (Taewangsashinki).

The mag claims that the drama will start another Hallyu

Apart from that, there is also an interview with the Nanta team that performed in Singapore and a look at the 12th Pusan Film Festival.

The Nanta team in Singapore

There’s also an interesting look at Korean expats celebrating Christmas in Indonesia and how they are missing a white Christmas.

Korean expatriates dreaming of a white Christmas

The magazine is free and its official site is still a work in progress.

Screen capture of the Kozine website

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JiShin 지신 said...

Hello there!

Wooh! Big surprise - Singapore actually has a Kor-Eng Mag? o_O Wow, gotta hunt for it! Any tips on where it could be found?

Oh and just to tell you that I've enjoyed reading your blog immensely 'cause it's informative and entertaining ^^ Good job there and rock on in 2008~!

God bless & take care! =D

Orchid said...

Hi 지신, (Ah...a TVXQ fan?) =)

Are you a Korean residing in Singapore? I don't know where to get the free copy of Kozine. Must ask our 언니.

Happy 2008 to you too!

blinkable said...

wow and it's FREE..the main point! Are they gonna do this at Msia as well? XD

hjn said...

wah, i didn't know such mag exist.. especially if its korean & english.. that's two plus points... hopefully when their site launch, we can get our hands on some articles they have / a copy of it..

EzKarElnRold said...

My father is in Singapore right now and the moment I read this post, I begged him to look one for me. XD I wonder where your 언니 got it. Please do inform us if you know.ü Thanks a lot!

Happy New Year! And I really did enjoy reading all your posts here, it's very informative and JUICY!

I wonder if I can link you in my own blog [using the picture that has the "we've been k-popped! how about you?"] Please do let me know if you will allow me to.ü kamsa! [here's my blog url]

Advanced Happy New Year from this side of the world. :)

3888 said... got me excited too...ahh....

I also want to know where to get it in Singapore..thanks

Btw Happy New Year!

Liz said...

Hello ezkarelnrold and 3888, we asked out 언니 and she said she got the mag at a Korean mini-mart at Marine Parade. It's a shopping complex in Singapore. Hope this helps.

Orchid said...

Hi ezkarelnrold,

Yeah you may add a K-popped! button on your blog to link to us.

Here's the link to the button image. You can select the one you prefer. Please let us know if you have problems.

K-popped! Button version 1

K-popped! Button version 2

Happy New Year to u too!

EzKarElnRold said...

To Liz and Orchid, THANKS A LOT! :D

Btw, I've already linked you up in my blog. I used the button version two.ü

3888 said...

thanks Liz for your help :)

I'm gonna search for it soon.

Jeon Hye yoon said...

Hello! I'm a sub editor of KOZINE. Thank you for your interest. When i read this article and a lot of comment, i was so happy. When you go Cafe Cartel (Bugis juction shopping centre#01-33), Plaza Singapura (#01-32)or Pacific Coffee(VIVO CITY) or Thai Express(Esplanade mall #01-13) etc. And we will publish first of month.And if you want to read about Korean star, Let me know. I will arrange. My email address is Thank you!

jeon hye yoon said...

< some text missing >When i read this article and a lot of comment, i was so happy. When you go Cafe Cartel (Bugis juction shopping centre#01-33), Plaza Singapura (#01-32)or Pacific Coffee(VIVO CITY) or Thai Express(Esplanade mall #01-13) etc, you can get a KOZINE magazine.^^


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