Monday, 10 December 2007

Vitamin (비타민) on KBS Global

Dear K-popped! readers,

It's a brand new week, what are you all up to? Thanks for your congratulatory messages on our blog being featured on Advertlets.

I had a very busy weekend. Sunday night, after a grueling five hours of choir practice, i came home dead tired. I had no energy to log on to the Internet, but did have some strength to watch
KBS Global.

Everyone knows that we need protein to build muscles and to get that toned physique, right? Wanna know how to increase your protein intake in your daily diet? Especially for Asians who eat rice everyday, one good way is to mix
Job's Tears into your rice. Job's Tears (Coix lacryma-jobi) also knowned as adlay refers to the droplet-shaped pearly white grain (shown in the picture below). It is also named after the biblical man of the Old Testament who endured great suffering.

Job's Tears has a higher protein to
carbohydrate ratio than any other cereal!

Job's Tears contains about 52% starch, 18% protein, 7% fat. It is higher in protein and fat than rice but low in minerals.

Why is this bit of info in this blog you ask? Well, i learned all this about Job's Tears - the wonder grain, on a very informative Korean health game-show on KBS Global. The KBS2 program is called
Vitamin (비타민). They featured Job's Tears in the "Great Meal" segment of the show last Sunday.

The hosts on KBS2's Vitamin (비타민)

This is only my first time watching it, but i think it has been around a for awhile. Famous Korean stars also take part in the game-show.

In a future episode, Vitamin will discuss a health issue that we normally face - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and how to battle it with exercise and proper nutrition.

Watch KBS2's Vitamin to get your weekly dose of health tips and how to live a healthier lifestyle. It's also fun to watch!

Watch it:
  • Astro KBS World (Channel 303)
  • Every Sunday
  • 9:30 - 10:40pm
  • English subtitles available

Vitamin Official Website

More on Job's Tears:
  • Job's Tears is also commonly but misleadingly sold as Chinese pearl barley in Asian supermarkets. (Misleading because it is not part of the "barley" family.)
  • Besides being an edible grain, Job's Tears has a hard outer shell and is used as beads for making necklaces, rosaries and other jewelery.
  • Job's tears contains a large amount of vitamin B, calcium, and iron.

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Rooster said...

Hey cool! That's the stuff I put in the rice. Remember when you guys came to visit?

Ah, so it's not really barley.

blinkable said...

yeap definitely not barley *haha*

nyway, at the beginning I did try watching KBS Global and very excited abt it and then I couldnt keep up with all the slots cause I still hv real life and online life to take care of *ROFL*

wish we all hv more than 24hrs! opps, out of topic, mian!

ladida said...

I don't think I see them in my local food market..or maybe I haven't pay heaps of attention to them before since I had no prior knowledge of its nutrients..i wonder about its texture it soft, chewy?

Orchid said...

Hi Rooster, i knew you put a lot of other grains in the rice when we were there, but i didn't know it was Job's Tears! Wow, now we know it has lots of protein.

Ladida...yeah it's hard to find...even here in Msia. I went to the local TESCO yesterday looking for this grain, but couldn't find it :-(


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