Thursday, 31 January 2008

Adulteress wants adultery law scrapped

Ok so-ri, the actress who cheated on her husband, has filed a petition at a district court questioning Korea's adultery law.

She's seeking to ask the Constitutional Court to reconsider the law, which passes a two-year sentence on those who violate it.

'Down with the adultery law, I say!'

Her scandalous story started in October last year when her hubby of 11 years, Park Chul, filed for divorce and a criminal suit against her for adultery. If convicted, the actress will have to go to prison.

Her arguments:
  • Adultery law violates the individual's constitutionally-protected rights to privacy and to freely engage in sexual activities.
  • Adultery is a matter that should be governed not by criminal law but by civic law.
  • Adultery law has been reduced to a means of revenge by a spouse, rather than a way to help salvage a couple's broken marriage
  • It is doubtful that the law is effective in protecting women in adultery cases, as there is no evidence that it has contributed to that purpose as women’s socioeconomic status increasingly improves.
A local district court judge will review the petition to decide whether to refer the matter to the Constitutional Court.

If the judge approves the petition, Ok's adultery case will be suspended until the Constitutional Court rules on the matter.

Source & Pic credit: Digital Chosunilbo

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hjn said...

the criminal trying to judge her own punishment... interesting.....

ladida said...

I'm totally against adultery. It's immoral & it should not be considered acceptable. However, as humiliating or offensive as it may be against a marriage partner, I feel that a mandatory 2-yr jail sentence is absurd. I dunno...i'm just stating my opinion

Dottie said...

Wow, you know the world is going to hell in a hand-basket when folks can appeal against something as clear-cut as adultery! Nutcase!

Clammy said...

She's not trying to say that adultery is immoral but she is questioning the validity of the law to get involved in peoples personal relationships and sex lives. Marriage by state and the moral position of marriage by church are two different things.

Clammy said...

Er, I meant she is not trying to say that adultery is NOT immoral.

kpop_rub said...

This woman is so noble and I completely applaud her! Government has no business in the bedrooms of consenting adults! This is a violation of civil liberties and completely biased against women! If your spouce is cheating use that as grounds for the divorce and compensation but it is not the government's place to punish people for their sexual choices... I have so much respect for this woman and what she is trying to accomplish and I hope the Confucian influenced Korean culture can act level headedly in seeing the absurdity of this law and seriously consider changing it or doing away with it!

ladida said...

sorry if my comment is ticking anyone off. i guess i feel the way i do cuz i know quite a few people (friends & really good friends) who have fallen into the "adultery" category during their divorce/separation period. Some were victims of adulteries; others were the adulterers/adulteresses. In the end, they all kind of got what they deserved. And the funniest thing was, some of them (who are also parents themselves) became better friends after their divorces.
Anyway, going back to the issue...even tho, i think adultery is a serious offense against his/her spouse, i think the State shouldn't interfere in people's private/sex lives. Afterall, it's not their responsibility to guarantee that spouses will remain faithful to each other til the end of time. They can't prevent adultery from existing in today's society. Adultery will simply not go away. The law will not (& have not) make this immoral act disappear.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with the woman. Even though adultery is wrong and immoral, prison term is too harsh and violates personal right. A family court who would compensate for the wronged party is enough

Joe said...

I read about this on New Strait Times when I was on Malaysian Airlines flight, and I was suprised as I thought no one would care it out of Korea..

Wyo said...

Go Ok So ri!!!! You have my full support!

Liz said...

Well Joe, may wonders never cease. I think people like a good scandal no matter where it originates from :-).

Have a good time Down Under ;-).


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