Friday, 25 January 2008

Andy's New Dream

In conjunction with the release of his first solo album entitled Andy the First New Dream, Andy of popular Korean boyband Shinhwa held a press conference on Jan 23 at the SH club in Seoul.

Many poses: Andy seems to be a man of many poses, check out what he is
capable of (l-r): the sassy chick, the Wacko Jacko wannabe and the thinking man

Following the press conference the 27-year-old performed his first solo concert at the venue.

Hot stuff: Even his lady dancers can't get their hands off him

Dancin': Andy gets jiggy with a sexy lady

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Shinhwa who?

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penny said...

aww he looks so cute with his little ponytail..his cd isn't bad..wish him the best of luck with his solo debut

polynasian said...

Good Luck Andy.

Orchid899 said...

He looks like Jackie Chan.

blinkable said...

^ seriously?!! *LOL* I dont see any resemblance at all. Andy will alwaya have 신화창조 as his support!! Hwaiting!!


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