Friday, 25 January 2008

Jang Hyuk dances in Singapore

Windstruck actor Jang Hyuk (32) is set to ballroom dance in his upcoming flick Dance of the Dragon.

The Singaporean production, which also stars Singaporean Fann Wong (Just Follow Law) and American Jason Scott Lee (Balls of Fury) is tentatively scheduled for release on May 15 Stateside.

Helmed by Aussie cinematographer-turned-director John Radel, the film is about Kwan (Jang Hyuk), a country boy who dreams of making it big as a ballroom dancer. He journeys to a renowned dance studio in Singapore against his father's wishes and trains under his idol and former champion, Emi (Fann Wong).

Jang Hyuk (left) with director John Radel

The country boy has no professional training (hey, like William Hung, no? :-P) and is naturally the worst dancer of the lot. No one wants to partner the underdog, except for Emi who recognises his hidden talent and passion. Romance blossoms.

Oppa talking with the film's producer Robin Leong (right)

However, Emi’s ex-boyfriend Cheng (Jason Scott Lee), who happens to be a kung fu champion, is green with envy and challenges Kwan to a showdown, with the loser leaving town – and Emi – for good.

Oh, I hope Jang Hyuk wins because oppa is much more handsome than The Jungle Book actor. Ha ha ha. The end. Eh, oppa speaks English?

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Anonymous said...

Watch "Please teach me English" to know about his English. Haha, that's a hilarious movie btw.


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