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Bad Love - Episode 4

Another English title for this Korean drama is "Cruel Love". That's what it's called on Astro's KBS World. I assume there will be 16-episodes to this drama series (isn't sixteen the magic number for Korean dramas?) then we are 1/4 through the series.

In episode 4, Kwon Sang-woo reveals his muscular naked upper torso not once, but twice! Details in the drama stills below. ;-)

Episode 3 ended in a scene where both Kang Yong-gi and Na In-jung, stranded on the island due to a rain storm, nearly kiss. Yes, they do kiss, but it's not a romantic kiss. Yong-gi ruined it by jesting that he was just teasing In-jung about the kiss. But later, admited that he really wanted to kiss her and so he did. After that outburst, he felt bad and quarantined himself out in the corridor, away from the warmth of the fire & In-jung. Despite the teasing, could he be falling for her?

Kiss #1: Yong-gi couldn't help but kiss pretty In-jung

Yong-gi's estranged father visited him on the island one day and they happen to have a conversation in front of Kim Jo-ann's tree (yeah, Yong-gi dedicated a tree to his now deceased ex-girlfriend). Although we only know bits and pieces, i believe the reason why Yong-gi hates his father so much and the reason for Jo-ann's death will resurface in the coming episodes.

Yong-gi despises his father and is unforgiving even when his dad is ailing

Yong-gi's samchun is genuinely concerned for both In-jung and Yong-gi. When he sees that the pair are getting along fabulously, he is worried and has a heart-to-heart talk with Yong-gi. Where else do men go for talks like these...if not at a soju bar? They go to the sauna.

Forever wearing his sunnies, Samchun reminds Yong-gi
that he is on the rebound. "Don't play with
In-jung's heart as she has suffered much
in her last relationship."

Despite the difficulties live has dished out to her and the pain and hardship she has suffered because of her love for a man, In-jung remains sweet and kind-hearted. Even after Yong-gi teasingly kisses her and mocks her, she brings out a piece of cardboard so he could keep warm. She even chauffeurs a very intoxicated Yong-gi to the city hospital to visit his sick father.

He must trust her ...he let's her drive his BMW. ;-)

Yong-gi and In-jung at the city hospital, to visit his dad.
But he did not see his father as his step mother got in the way.
Orchid is really that a "I love RAIN" t-shirt Yong-gi is wearing?
Off with the jacket i say! :-P

How unromantic: Lee Su-hwan and Kang Joo-ran
must be very unhappy in marriage.
Su-hwan says to his wife,
"Please don't lean on me. We are in a
public place, sit straight!"

Back on the island, In-jung's cooking days are nearly
over as construction work on Yong-gi's property is coming to an end.

Yong-gi and In-jung continue to spend time working on the island and one day, In-jung comes across Yong-gi at work with his shirt off.

"Do I look sexy?" Yong-gi is a real joker.

Since his restoration work is ending, Yong-gi tells In-jung
he has nothing left to do. "Shall i be your delivery boy?"
That coy smile tells me she is beginning to go soft on him.
Tsk tsk easy.

We also find out that Joo-ran and Su-hwan's driver (the one on the far right in picture below) are very chummy. Su-hwan and family decides to get out of Seoul for an out-of-town trip and guess where they go?

Joo-ran prefers the company of her husband's driver

Joo-ran and daughter Miso arriving at their
apartment in the outskirts

Because this is a Korean drama and the plot is cleverly devised so that you get maximum adrenalin rush while watching, Su-hwan and family comes to the very same town where In-jung and her little fried chicken delivery business lies and their maid had to order fried chicken from In-jung!

Little Miso plays with a cute puppy and got lost, but In-jung
finds her while on her way delivering fried chicken.

Whee! In-jung gives Miso a ride home on her
cute red chicken delivery scooter.
(Can't wait to see Sang-woo oppa riding it.)

In-jung is shocked to discover that Miso's mother is indeed her #1 nemesis -
the same woman whose husband she had an affair with 5-years ago,
the same woman who stole her bright career away from her,
the same woman who caused her miscarriage.

Scarred for life: Once a yuppy and cellist with a bright future,
In-jung now leads a simple life selling fried chicken for a living.

Su-hwan and his re-appears in her life...
Her past is back to haunt her.

But 'tis not all despair, Kang Yong-gi is part of the equation now,
and i bet he will be on In-jung's side.

Episode 4 ends here and all four characters are now in close proximity again.

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

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Anonymous said...

I like your summary of Episode 4, made me laugh and understand a bit more about the episode while there's no eng subs yet...and you're right, Yong-gi oppa will take In-jung's side after everything he has learned about her past. But it's just sad and upsets me that In-jung is being stubborn again and is giving Yong-gi a hard time. Poor oppa! Hehe

Anonymous said...

There is actually 20 episodes. It tends to get draggy from Ep 10 but I still love the drama ... LOL

fraulein said...

Thank you, Orchid

Now i can fill in the gap/s for the 15mins that i missed in the end.

Liz said...

oh the drama! *bites fingernails*

상우오빠 멋있어요!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty intense I felt like I watched it.

fraulein said...

In true korean drama style, suh hwan and injung so many times nearly spotted each other but didnt. until her finally saw her from his departing boat

This is my first KSW drama - must say his acting is quite convincing. Still at the back of my mind trying to envision Rain playing this role.

Never knew he had such abs. I like him less "ab-sy" though

ladida said...

I'm only on ep2. But while I'm resolve to not read the spoilers, i can't help but stare & slobber over his 6-pecs (sauna pic & muscles flexing pic). If KSW was to ever auction himself off as a 3-day personal trainer for charity purposes, I'd def make real attempts to bid for him. He'd make it easier for me to get in shape (that is, if i can get past the slobbering phase first ;-> )

Orchid said...

Hi Ladida...yeah better to not read if you have not watched the episode. But i hope you catch up quick so you can discuss the drama along with us.

Who would have known and underneath his clothes KSW would have such a muscular physique. ;-)

But i have to agree with Fraulein. To me his super muscular body could be a bit scary. Maybe a bit less muscles would be ok.

Check out the pics here too:
Shirtless Kwon Sang-woo poses for Destiny

The first pic (side view) looks like a picture you would see when studying the human anatomy. :-P

elly said...

KSW...just every way!


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