Thursday, 10 January 2008

Jay Chou reveals 'Secret' in Korea

Taiwanese musician, singer, producer, actor, director and one of China's hottest men, Jay Chou is in Seoul Korea!

Jay Chou is in Korea to promote his movie 'Secret'

Jay Chou was at Seoul's old center theater on the 9th January 2008 to meet fans and promote his movie Secret (시크릿). Chou not only directed and plays the lead in the movie, he also wrote the story which is based loosely on his relationship with a high school girlfriend.

The plot focuses on music (Jay Chou plays the piano like a dream in the movie), love and family. The movie also stars Kwan Lun-Mei as the female lead and Hong Kong veteran actor Anthony Wong as Chou's father.

I give my movie two thumbs up.
So come and see it ok? that a ring or band aid?

Chou lets his fingers do the talking.
Besides playing the piano, this talented
musician also plays the cello and guitar.

Although this is Chou's first time directing a full length movie, the 28-year-old started off his directing career with music videos in 2004. He has since directed many other music videos for his own albums as well as for other artists and has even ventured into television commercials. By 2006, Jay Chou had taken responsibility for the storyboard, directing, and editing of music videos for all his songs.

Acclaimed director Zhang Yimou (House of Flying Dagger, Curse of the Golden Flower) once said that Chou's directing abilities may surpass his own in the future, after viewing several of Chou's music videos. Now that's praise that does not come easy.

Jay Chou celebrates an early birthday in Seoul.
His birthday falls on 18 January.

Jay Chou will be performing at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 18 & 19th January 2008. Any of you readers going?

Sources: Newsen, Wikipedia

Pics credit: Newsen

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Liz said...

This is a nice movie. I love all the piano scenes and Jay Chou is one talented man.

I kind of spotted the "secret" 15 minutes into the show but discovering how the secret came about was great fun!

Anonymous said...

I love Jay Chou! Cant wait to see the movie!

kpop_rub said...

WOW I want one of those "Jay Korea" banner things. They're snazzy. Jay Chou is so dang amazingly talented. I wanna see his movie bad. I wonder if it will have a North American release. (around this weekend perhaps?)

Orchid said...

Yeah...Jay Chou is MULTI-talented. =)

fraulein said...

Hi Liz

15 mins was fast.. I didnt even get it at the end of the movie and my sister had to point out the " twist" to me. I shant write it out here lest it becomes a spoiler ; P

ladida said...

what else can I say about this 28 yr-old & his ever-expanding repertoire? simply amazing!


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