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Bad Love - Episode 7

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) happily brings his girlfriend Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) home to celebrate his father's birthday. Ex-lovers In-jung and Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) are shocked to see each other in the same house. They do not say a word about their past relationship and both carry on the charade. In-jung is stunned and appears to be suffering from the same syndrome Su-hwan is suffering. Both look stoned.

Su-hwan and In-jung are uncomfortable. Su-hwan excuses himself
from dinner and makes sure his family does not get
home while
Yong-gi and In-jung are at the house.

Su-hwan's wife Kang Joo-ran and daughter Miso will return from a skiing trip and join them at dinner, but Su-hwan intercepts them before they get home and lies that he has important matters to attend to at the office. Thus Su-hwan and family ended up having dinner outside.

Yong-gi's dad is looking out for him and wants him to get involved in the family business to secure his share in it.

After the revelation that Yong-gi and Su-hwan are brother-in-laws, In-jung is in a dilemma. She can't bring herself to tell Yong-gi this and she can't seem to see any future for her and Yong-gi. At this point, there's a communication breakdown in their relationship. Yong-gi is unaware of what's really troubling In-jung and is led to believe that she is not feeling well.

In-jung walks away from Su-hwan after telling him she
hates him but is in love with Yong-gi.

In-jung meets with Su-hwan and tells him that she will leave Yong-gi. She truly hates him and it looks like she is still indebted to her adulterous involvement with him 5-years ago. She has not finished paying for it. Su-hwan does not say a word.

Yong-gi is very VERY sweet and In-jung cannot bring herself to leave him. They spend a romantic Christmas Eve together. Ah....Yong-gi is absolutely adorable at this point.

Yong-gi makes a red "seesaw" love bench
expressing their love for each other

Yong-gi and In-jung spend Christmas eve together. Yong-gi put
together a romantic party just for his girlfriend.

The next day, In-jung attends to matters at her chicken shop. She has found a buyer for her little shop and intends to sell it and leave Yong-gi and Samcheok.

At Seoul, we are introduced to someone who seems to be Yong-gi's dad's business partner. Su-hwan meets this man and also a woman who looks uncannily like Yong-gi's now deceased ex-girlfriend Kim Jo-ann. She even has a scar on her wrist which suggests that she has attempted suicide. Who could the pair be?

Su-hwan meets the mysterious pair

In-jung goes to Yong-gi's very arty home to say goodbye, but he is nowhere to be found. She cleans up the Christmas eve party mess and then gets a call from the hospital her dad is staying...someone has changed his room.

Yong-gi was at the hospital visiting In-jung's dad and making him very happy. In-jung's dad likes Yong-gi very much. They go to the beach so that In-jung's dad gets some fresh air instead of being cooped up in the room all day.

Yong-gi gets along with In-jung's dad famously.

In-jung's dad is so pleased to see that In-jung has found herself a
wonderful man like Yong-gi. He says they are
soul mates.
The old man is really
very adorable.

Yong-gi tells In-jung's dad that despite what difficulties they face, he will not leave In-jung. In-jung is moved to tears. How is she going to leave this man?

After a day spent with In-jung's dad, In-jung asks Yong-gi how much he loves her. He says "I go crazy when I look at you. I love you." In-jung can't bring herself to leave him.

In-jung calls Su-hwan who happens to be in Samcheok and they meet by the docks. In-jung begs Su-hwan to let her be with Yong-gi (at this point, i am wondering why she has to beg him? All she has to do is come straight with Yong-gi...who cares what Su-hwan thinks). Anyway, Su-hwan says "No. Think of what we meant to each other." Apparently now Su-hwan wants In-jung for himself - still. He will not let her go to Yong-gi.

In-jung is weak...weak at the thought that there is no way
out and she has to leave Yong-gi. She collapses into Su-hwan's arms.
Don't forget, Su-hwan is the man who seduced her on a yacht
over a weekend affair, made her pregnant, then tells her
he is married & leaves her. His parting words? "If there was such thing
as another life, let's not meet there too."
(At this point, Liz is so irritated at Su-hwan that
she clenches her fist and goes..."Eat sh*t and die!")

Yong-gi sees what is happening...he sees In-jung begging Su-hwan and Su-hwan bringing In-jung into his embrace...i do not know if he heard any of the conversation...we will know in the next episode.

Yong-gi is furious to see his girlfriend in
the arms of his brother-in-law!

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

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fraulein said...

I have reason to dislike suh-hwan even more (watch ep 8). Like Liz, I felt like wringing his neck after he hugged injung by the beach

Awww.. just when u think Yong-gi cannot get any sweeter :
- he makes a red see-saw from scatch and even hangs a heart shaped weight on her side to extend the imbalance analogy (u've gotta hand it to the scriptwriter)

- he upgrades her dad's room and takes them out to a fun filled time by the beach

- his carefully thought out christmas celebrations

- swearing more than once (also in front of injung's dad) that he'll never let go of her

Ep 7 is somewhat designed to show the audience how difficult it is for Injung to give up Yonggi, isn't it ?

Thanks for the quick post !

fraulein said...

I teared at the part when injung's dad seemed to tell her yonggi is her soulmate. Daddy knows best, i suppose.

the 'silent' father-daughter conversations are so touching

Suh-hwan is EVIILLL

Orchid said...

Actually i am quite surprised that Su-hwan turned out to be jerk that he is. I thought he would still love In-jung secretly, but wants her to be happy and gives her the freedom to be with Yong-gi. Plus he would do all he can to NOT cause her any further hurt. Then In-jung would have a bit of a hard time choosing...between the two.

See see...he is such a jerk. Ok very easy now. :-P

meiruo_chan said...

I like this episode too. Love the scene when they shop together at the super. Notice that Yong-gi bought everything in pair. Haha...sweet!

fraulein said...

Yeah ! I saw the pair purchases too! Cute ; )

fraulein said...

Yes, orchid. I also thought SH wld go easier on IJ after he has caused her so much pain

fraulein said...

"I have reason to dislike suh-hwan even more (watch ep 8). Like Liz, I felt like wringing his neck after he hugged injung by the beach"

Oops, i meant the dock. It was not meant as a spoiler, i was referring to the dock scene in ep 7

meiruo_chan said...

Hong Gil Dong aired today, 7pm at KBS World. I think those who has astro going to watch it soon. I'm at ep.12 on Bad Love. My heart goes 'BANG' watching these two (IJ & YG)...


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