Monday, 21 January 2008

Korean language course at UTAR

So you want to learn Korean too? Orchid and Liz are enrolled at the Inter-Cultural Language School (ICLS), but we discovered another establishment that is also offering Korean language courses.

The Centre for Extension Education at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) is offering a 30-hour Korean Level 1 course. Below are the details:

Start date:
Feb 20, 2008
Days: Every Monday and Wednesday
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Venue: Centre for Extension Education, UTAR, 11 Jalan 13/6, 46200 Petaling Jaya.
Fee: RM400

The 선생님 is Jane Teoh. The profile I got on her reads:

Teoh obtained the Certificate of the Test of Proficiency in Korean from the Language Education Institute, Seoul National University and Kyung Hee University. She has been travelling frequently between Korea and Malaysia since 1999. During these several years of extensive exposure in Korea, Ms Teoh has mastered its language, history and culture while teaching Mandarin in Korea. Ms Teoh has organised and led many study tours for both Malaysian and Korean colleges.

For more information, such as course details and contact persons, please hit the image above or go to:

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Anonymous said...

juz a few question..
ICLS is cheaper by RM20 right?u guys r taking the class at ICLS it good???is UTAR or ICLS more fun???

Jzune said...

can't believe it that K-popped advertise UTAR Korean language class ad here... XD
cuz i'm taking my Korean language in UTAR.... =D
For me, not bad, i get to learn not only the language but the culture too;...cuz Ms. Jane she sometimes would tell us her experience there =D

meiruo_chan said...

jzune, you're lucky. any chance to open a Korean class in Terengganu> I'm the first to sign up!

Liz said...

Hello anonymous, the fee at ICLS comes up to RM435, as you'll have to buy the text book (RM25) and also pay for the one-time registration fee (RM30).

If there are no hidden costs for the UTAR enrollment, then it's RM35 cheaper there.

I can't compare ICLS and UTAR because I'm only taking classes from the former.

I like the fact that the Teacher at ICLS is native Korean and one of the fun things at class is trying to bridge the communication gap :-)

Anonymous said...

i agree with liz
i am a student in utar but i didn't take up the korean course there
since the teacher in utar does not have any "teaching qualification"
her only qualification is the KLPT which anyone who have knowledge in korean can pass
i still prefer native teachers

blinkable said...

yeap this is one of the news (or announcement XP) I saw in local newspaper and my mind straight went to kpopped! *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Finally I have decided to join the korean class in UTAR.... My friend who has been learned the language for 3 levels in UTAR told me that she learned many things from the classes, especially in korean grammar and culture. The explanations from the teacher were clear and easy to understand. I'll try. AND..will share my experience of learning korean with ur guys later..

Liz said...

Hey anonymous, all the best in your Korean language course. I'm sure you're going to enjoy yourself :-).

Yup, do share with us your experience learning the language. Hwaiting!

tHe LaUgHinG PriNcEsSs said...
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