Thursday, 3 January 2008

Banana-coloured dress on Ahn So-hee & Jenna Jameson

Oh man, I’ve been “attacked” by a banana yellow-coloured dress while surfing the Net.

After putting up pics of Wonder Girls singer Ahn So-hee dressed in a cute yellow minidress, I came across US adult star Jenna Jameson in the exact same dress!

Left: So-hee & co-star Kim Beom; Right: Jenna Jameson
& boyfriend (I think) Tito Ortiz

So-hee donned the dress for the press conference of her new movie I Like it Hot on Jan 2, 2008. Meanwhile, Jenna Jameson wore hers to the CatHouse nightclub grand opening in Las Vegas on Dec 29, 2007.

Does anyone know which designer and collection the dress is from?

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Orchid said...

Could it be from "Banana Republic"??? muahahahahaa..ok bad joke

DieuAn said...

HAHA "Banana Republic"!! That wasn't a bad joke xD Anyway, that dress is cute but I don't like yellow...

blinkable said...

^ I love yellow >_< *LOL* But that dress is hideous ^^


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