Monday, 7 January 2008

Bi upset over suicide rumour

In an interview scheduled to be aired on Korean TV on Jan 12, Rain a.k.a. Jeong Ji-hoon talks about an obscure rumour about him committing suicide.

For the record, K-popped! has never come across the rumour. Nonetheless, the Energizer Bunny revealed that he was at first upset over the rumour, but later felt sorry for those who believed it.

Alive & kickin': 'Don't like me? Talk to the hand,
why don't ya?'

Now, the 26-year-old strives to be a better person in order to prevent such irresponsible rumour-mongering. You know what, Bi, no matter how squeaky clean or good you are, you can't stop people from bad mouthing you - c'est la just live life the way you want to.

The actor/singer/dancer also said that he is very grateful to his high school teacher who introduced him to the world of acting. Before he learnt how to act, all Rain ever knew was dancing.

The Energizer Bunny then revealed his secret to staying fit. He does 100 push-ups and 500 sit-ups everyday and rarely does weight training as it would decrease his flexibility as a dancer.

Rain, who also mentioned that he has not been on a blind date (oooh, pick me! Pick me!), said that he studies English for 2 hours a day and thinks that if he studied like this 10 years ago, he would have mastered the language by now.

Source: Joynews, translation by Joe Gimm
Pic credit: Joynews

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Orchid said...

Joe: 감사합니다. =)

kpop_rub said...

I like to think I follow Bi news closely but I have never heard this rumor before. Hehe this only is gonna add more fuel to that fire.

I agree he should have started learning English the moment he had an inkling he wanted to come to the US. The earlier you start to learn the language the better it is... If you learn a language before the age of 10 it becomes hardwired in your brain... If not, it gets shafted to a secondary location and takes more thought and effort to speak xP hehe

Linda said...

I've never heard of that rumor either. And correction** Bi is 25, not 26 yet. He'' be 26 (like me!) on June 25th! =D

crockcal said...

Good thing it isn't true. He is always so humble in his answers, but I agree that this has nothing to do with him being a better person.

Also, is it me or does Bi look extra cute in that picture?

vrosemarie said...

It's not just you, crockcal! I felt like giving him a hug when I saw that picture!! :DDD

Liz said...

Heya Linda,

I like to count the star's age according to the year they are born in and not the birthdate itself. I'm mathematically challenged that way. Tee hee ;-)

ladida said...

C'est la vie! "Such is life" Amen, sister! ;P
o.O Hmmph, I know I've heard of this rumour before on a talkshow. Hold on, I'll be back. I'm gonna start browsing around YT

Clammy said...

Interesting thing about Koreans (in Korea), I have no idea if other countries do this, we count our age from conception and not birth. Our one year party, called dol, is 3 months after we are born (9 months of womb-time + 3 months of planet-time). It's also pretty common now to have a big party for a dol and then another big 1 year birth-date party. Therefore, in Korean age, people are about a year younger than they claim. That's also why sometimes we ask how old are you but it's very common to ask what year were you born.

ladida said...

Chinese count a newborn baby a year old too. Also, my mom told me the craziest thing several years ago: we add ouselves another year older on the day of the Chinese New Year day (lunar calendar)..YIKES!!!! So we grow ~2 yrs older each yr. How depressing!! :(

ladida said...

Oops, back to the topic. I was able to track down the show where Rain spoke about rumors of his suicide circulating in the Taiwan press. At the time, there was another Korean celeb who committed suicide and the media mistakenly named Rain as the suicide victim. This false news lasted a week long in the press. Poor Rain! During the episode, Rain didn't sound/look upset when talking about the rumors (he even chuckled); he was annoy, yes, but not upset. Hey, I would be like "WTH!" too if someone falsely reported that I was dead when I'm still alive & kicking ;P
If u wish, u can watch this ep on YT "Sang Sang Plus 061114 pt2"
BTW, if you have time to waste, watch the entire episode; I dont' know how many parts but it's really funny.

fraulein said...

Wow the folks on this thread are so resourceful when it comes to fishing for Bi related news.

I'm so grateful ; )

I can just come here to get updated


fraulein said...

" 100 push-ups and 500 sit-ups everyday and rarely does weight training as it would decrease his flexibility as a dancer"

Hence those abs and that washboard tummy.
Never knew wt training decreases dancer's flexibility

He's a fine dancer, all right !

fraulein said...

It has just be reported on popesoul that rain turned down the olympics offer... so disappointed!

I just posted a comment there too.

fraulein said...


Thank u for the youtube link.. it's one of the interviews i really enjoyed. He's so candid, comfortable and himself in it because there's no language barrier

Liked every bit of it, esp the kim jong il part and the one where he says he takes care to dress up when leaving the hse cos he has an image to upkeep.

The way he wears his hair at that time was my favorite, even better if it had the blonde streaks like in oct 06 ; )

ladida said...

hahaha..yes, i luv the kim jong il & bin laden part too; plus Rain's evil stares -- sooo 'kiyopdah!'
awwh, too bad he turned down the invitation to sing at the Olympics. But hey, i had fun while it lasted XD

Clammy said...

Fraulein Any heavy (keyword heavy) weight training will leave you less agile and less flexible with some exception. Excess muscle mass is pretty hindering to the body. Anaerobic weight lifting builds a type of muscle (white fiber) that is stronger but also less flexible. On the other hand, red muscle fibers are aerobic and have more endurance but are weaker.

When I used to weight train heavy, I got really bulky and cumbersome. But I was trying to get big to play football which requires short bursts of strength. When you do a lot of aerobic stuff like dancing, your body wants to shed muscle. When I started marathon training, I ended up sheding almost all the excess muscle I worked so hard to gain but running 5 miles was like running around the block and I eventually ended up running the whole 26.2 mile race! After the marathon I basically sat around and did nothing but work and party for 9 months and now I'm horribly out of shape x_X

You don't have to be inflexible with less endurance if you weight train though. A high rep low weight training program with a lot of good cardiovascular workouts can make you stronger and faster with more endurance. The classic example is the old school body builder and fitness expert Jack Lalanne who could never compete against the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger in strength or single rep lifts but would be continually doing chinups LONG after Arnold would have gotten tired.

That being said, Bi probably also has a naturally exceptional physique with a high metabolism that allows him to shed excess body fat easily and gives him a high cardiovascular edge.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a funny rumour

fraulein said...

thank you, clammy

Clammy said...

TMI huh? Ha ha, sorry!

blinkable said...

whoa I didnt even kno abt the suicide rumour in the 1st place..thanks for the Bi's update ;)

fraulein said...

I also liked the part where they jokingly asked if he had missiles in his home? he's exceptionally cute when he's uninhibited without the language barrier (oops am i repeating myself)

ladida said...

I concur. He never fails to make me smile/laugh whenever he appears on talkshows (& old gameshows)
TMI or not, you're impressive! You're like a Renaissance man. If I was to play on "who wants to be a millionaire?", & if you're my 'chingu' i'd def. add u on my Phone-a-friend list. Errr, just to double-check, how knowledgeable are u in botany? ;P

Clammy said...

Whoops, I made a mistake/confusion about dol. Dol is the one year and beakil is the 3 month (100 days actually). But we still count age by conception. I think I'm confused because I'm pretty sure I know people that do the dol at the conceived 1 year and then the ones that do it at the birth one year. Although I may just not have been paying much attention.


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