Friday, 4 January 2008

Byul's precious pink wallet from Rain

It’s not an easy task to simply ask the famous Korean singer Byul ("Star" in Korean) to disclose her private life, but when asked what her most valuable possession was, Byul was quick to answer that it was her wallet that was most dear to her. It was also due to the fact that a famous superstar had bought it for her as a birthday present.

Byul shows us the pink wallet Bi gave her 3-years ago.
She still uses it now!

That famous superstar is none other than South Korea’s Rain (비), or Jung Ji-hoon. The cute pink wallet came as a surprise to her as she never imagined she’d receive such a special gift from her idol. It was three years ago that Byul was asked to be the opening act on Rain’s ‘Rainy Day’ tour in China, with the tour dates just happening to land on her birthday. Rain knew it was her birthday and felt bad that she wasn’t able to celebrate it with her family back home, thus, he bought her this gift to show his appreciation.

A close-up of Byul's precious pink wallet - a gift from Rain

Even though Byul has used this wallet for three years, she has no intention of replacing it just yet. Byul reveals that she wants to use this wallet as long as it can last, even when her friends tease her about it.

Byul: “ I still look after this wallet with care. Even though I’ve used this wallet for three years, it’s still in great shape. Thinking about the day when Rain gave me this wallet makes me blush with happiness. Whenever people ask, I always tell them that Rain bought this wallet for my birthday ^^ ” .

Byul was even kinder to show her private belongings inside her wallet! The first thing you’ll see when her wallet is open is a cute picture of herself. She says that she likes this picture as she thinks it’s pretty plus she’s not wearing any makeup. She also showed us her various member cards, business cards, and different currencies she keeps as souvenirs.

The inside of Byul's pink purse.
Actually the clasps on this wallet does
not look like the one in the two pictures above.

Kindly showing us a part of her personal life, Byul cutely says “ I will continue to work hard to save up money to put in this wallet until it can’t be closed. I’ll work my hardest, so please continue to support me. See you and thank you ^^” .

Source: Pingbook Entertainment
Direct translation from Thai to English by farmer@sexybi

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Liz said...

Awww, that's so sweet of Rain. But yeah, the wallet looks different when it is opened.

ladida said...

the wallet is cute..but the real question is, did Rain pick it out himself or did his personal asst shopped for him? ~(^_^)~ haha...if that present was for me, i guess that doesn't matter much. Just knowing he thought about me (MEEE!! ;P) on my b-day when he himself is a busy 'bi' (the 'energizer bunny') is toooo darn sweet. But seriously, if he picked that wallet himself, then bravo to him for his good taste :)

ladida said...

oh btw, i forgot to add that she looks nicer w/o the heavy makeup

marcel said...

how cuuuute... @_@

Orchid899 said...

Cute wallet! I want one. What brand name is it?


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