Saturday, 5 January 2008

Korean singer Rain to sing Beijing 2008 Olympics Song

In an article on Daum today, it is reported that World Star Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) has been chosen to perform the Beijing 2008 Olympic Song. The song is about "hope and courage".

What an honour for the Energizer Bunny.

Hot Korean singer Rain chosen to sing
the Beijing 2008 Olympic Official Song

Rain is currently in the States, busy working on a Hollywood movie. When contacted, Bi expressed great interest in this project.

Many will probably ask if it is apt for a Korean star to be given the honour to sing the Olympic theme song. Why not choose a Chinese singer? How about Lee Hom or Jay Chou? How come a Korean artist was chosen?

Well, i guess Rain's World Star status and charisma has won the hearts of the organizers and he has been selected. They also state that, Rain has many Chinese fans and has made a name for himself in China. Rain has been on quite a few advertisements in the Chinese market namely, Pepsi Cola, Pantech (mobile phone), DHC cosmetics and Fuma (a Chinese mainland brand). Thus organizers claim that Bi is very popular and has a huge fan base in China.

The Olympics is the most prestigious sports event which brings the entire world population in unity. Thus it will be a huge opportunity for Rain to put a stamp on his "World Star" status.

Organizers are also banking on Rain's debut into the USA market this year with his Hollywood movie "Speed Racer". The movie is scheduled for release in Malaysia on 8 May 2008.

Only five days into the new year and already 2008 is beginning to look like a promising year for hallyu star Rain.

So what do you think? Yay! I love Rain and i am so happy for him. Or do you think it is unfair and a Chinese star should be given this golden opportunity?

In other recent news:
  • Rain won The Best Male Singer in the 2007 Mobile Entertainment Awards.
  • Rain will perform at the Lotte Concert in Busan, South Korea, 16 Feb 2008

Source: Daum

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ladida said...

I'll prob'ly get flame for saying this from the Chinese people in terms of patriotism & what not, but yay! Congrats, Rain!! "clap" "clap" I'm so happy for u. I hope 2008 will turn out to be a better year for u. case someone haven't already figured it out, i'm a true Rain fan. It's because of him I got into K-entertainment news which eventually led me to K-popped :] Thank goodness for that, cuz i luv u guys (the kpopped sisters)

fraulein said...

It's a big step for him and quite in sync with his plans to raise international awareness about him and his efforts

Looks like summer or mid 2008 is a busy busy time for him. Make or break time, I guess

Korea and China traditionally have close ties, not totally adversarial, not openly anywayz.
But most importantly, i think he was picked because he represents Asians as a whole

Culturally, China n Korea have some similarities and to some Westerners, it is hard to tell Asians apart

It's a huge worldwide event that happens only once every four yrs and China is a big emerging world power.

I'd love to read what the anti Bi-ers will say when popseoul posts an entry abt this

Great news in any case !! Esp after a long period of no news about him

fraulein said...

Guess we have to wait for more news on whether it'll be released as a single. Will it be the official theme song ? Will it be on some Olympics compilation cd?
Will be perform at the opening and closing ceremonies ???

Gosh so excited/happy and so many qns !!!!

fraulein said...

It will be a great platform and launching pad for the whole world to be introduced to Rain, the world star > And by that, it's literally means THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD

You cannot ask for a better and more high profile platform

Hopefully it'll silence criticism that he's not a real world star. But then, that also translates into more pressure for our dear Rain

Orchid said...

The Beijing 2008 Olympics start on 08.08.08 (8 August 2008).

Yeah...Chinese have a fetish for the number "8". =) It is because when pronounced in Chinese, it sounds the same as "prosperous" hence means great prosperity.

Anyway, yeah, Rain has 8 months to make perfect his English pronunciation. I take it the song will be sung in English? =)

Go Bi. Hwaiting!!!

kpop_rub said...

I love Bi alot alot alot and I am so happy he has this opportunity but I can't help but find it odd a Chinese singer was not selected. There are so many talented Chinese singers wouldn't China wanna showcase them like, LOOK WE HAVE GREAT TALENT TOO! I guess Yoko Ono read a poem in the italian games so stranger things have happened :-P I really hope he does get to perform at one of the ceremonies! I'll be sooooooo excited!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, sorry but I bet this will never happen. There is no way that the Chinese (me included) is going to pick a Korean singer regardless of his popularity or talent or looks. the Olympics is much about patriotism... this is simply not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Rain is need other singer ma..LOL..

hjn said...

hmm.. meaning beijing olympics will be filled with loads of star singers from all over the world to perform..its going to be a grand ceremony and i can't make it (*hit the wall)

as far as i know, news said that steven curtis chapman is invited to perform as well

Anonymous said...

i don't get this. i have nothing against Rain, but asking a Korean to sing at the Olympics that is held in Beijing and is like the biggest event ever for Chinese and they get a foreigner.

jl said...

wow, this is totally wonderful!
To tell the truth, i never expect this at all. All along i believe most people will have the assumption that China Olympics Song-->Chinese Singer(from mainland most probably). But Rain was choosen! YEAH!!! As a Rain fan, i'm truely happy and proud of him.

yup, n i agree the reason for Rain being picked is because he represents Asians as a whole. Rain, fighting!

Arie said...

Ehh, well.. gratz to Rain..
Though since it's in China I'd prefer to have LeeHom as the singer, but, oh well ^^
Rain is good too, I guess ^^

Anonymous said...

At least it's not Ming-ing!
hahahlollawlz XD

ladida said...

fraulein, your excitement is contagious; now i have all these questions to ponder :]
Jay & LeeHom are 2 of my fav Chinese singers. Both are marvelously talented. Both write their own songs. Jay can attract a sellout crowd of 70000. LeeHom (very attractive man) debuted in Lust, Caution which might possibly get an Oscar Nomination for best foreign film. So choosing either one of these two to sing the theme song would've been great too.
Anyway, I'm just grateful to the Chinese Olympic Officials for allowing Rain to participate at the Beijing 2008 Olympic. I'm sure Rain felt very honoured when he got the call. Afterall, this opportunity is a once in a lifetime for any singer. Whether or not he performs the theme song, I just hope this announcement won't anger China (well not too much to lead them to revolt). I understand why some people here are against the idea of having a non-Chinese sing at the Beijing Olympics. But don't get mad, Olympics game represents the WORLD. Like someone else said earlier, other foreign singers will perform as well. So let's sit back & enjoy the game :)

Anonymous said...

Gratz to Rain, But i'm not a big fan of his singing. If he did it in Korean it should be pretty good. But in English Anyways best of luck to him.

Anonymous said...

Rain can't sing worth shit. He's all about his body and his dance. But to put him as the voice of the official olympic song is LUDICROUS. I don't care if Korea and China have strong ties. China has hundreds of singers with better voices than him and can represent the country correctly. I would have NO PROBLEM if the olympics were held in Korea and he was chosen. But to have him represent China is complete BS.

vrosemarie said...

I dunno if this is a good idea... I love Rain but I thought China was super duper patriotic and all... But Rain is like the face of Korea and he represents Asia.... I love him and I wish him all the best this year!

Anonymous said...

This is lame. Olympic is supposed to be a big event not only for the sake of it but also for the host country. I'm not against Bi but if I were Chinese, I'll be angry.

Rain is overrated anyways, nothing more than small eyes nice abs. Well, his body is ok now compare with whole bunch of others.

But...I am looking forward to his perf

kiwi_seoul said...

Wow congratulations Bi!!
man that is such an honor!! this is like worldwide stuff!!

i have a question tho - will he sing in english?? must be huh, well we all know he will work hard to do his best!! thats what i love about him!!

Aiseu said...

I am so amazed by this news...every forum is posting topics on this...i am super dooper happy for him...

well...olympic is an international sports game...the organizers can invite whoever (popstars) they like to perform and not limited by the nationality of a group/he/ don't think the organizers actually did a wrong decision...

its such a pleasure invitation for Rain...Omg~i just can't stop my mouth from curling into a smile....^^V Aza Rain!

fraulein said...


I like Lee Hom & Jay too. In my opinion, Lee Hom's music is wicked! And Jay, oh Jay what more can you say? His songs and lyrics have been grown men turn into fans because they can relate. I dun see how China will allow either of them to be the "official" singer of the Games because of the relations between Beijing and Taiwan (ahem, dun wanna start a political debate here)

Hey, we have 3 fave male artistes in common (rain, jay and lee hom)
Just to check, i dun like Show Lou, do you ?

In any case, rain could be one of many artistes asked to perform, the performances are not exclusive, i believe.

It would be great if he could do a ricky martin ala the 2004 world cup. That way, the world will be acquainted with Rain. * melts at the thought of it *
No need for bonbon shaking, just flash the killer smile and abs. And wow them with his american accented english. Ok, i am getting carried away

Ricky who ??

fraulein said...

I am not familiar with pop singers - i am only familiar with taiwanese and HK singers. and korean ones of course *cheeky grin *
Not sure how mainland chinese pride will take to taiwanese/HK or korean singers gracing the occasion.

LOL at the remark, "It's Ming-ing"
Thank goodness it's the real thing and not the rain wannabe ;)

ladida said...

everyone's point/reaction towards the news is absolutely valid; however, i'm still pysched about it :]
too bad we don't live within close vicinity of each other. We could've gotten together/party sometimes. We both luv the same styles of music. Both Jay & Leehom are so incredibly versatile, but if i have to choose one, i pick Leehom of course. Er, Show Lou? No. He's not my cup of tea. Plus, when he sings live, his voice tends to go out of tune/off-pitch.
Hmmm..but what do u think about the Twins (Charlene choi & gillian)? i dunno; they're aren't bad but I find them to be quite a bored. As for HK singers, I don't have any real favorites these days. I don't really care for Sammy Cheng, Edison Chen (i honestly like him better as an actor), etc.
Say, why wouldn't they invite Leehom? technically, he's Asian American (born in NY)
Anyway, can't wait to see the entire list of all the international performers for this grand event :]

blinkable said...

Bi agreed to this already?? O_o Whats wrong with getting a Chinese to perform it instead??? Whats wrong with the Committee?? They can always turn to that Chinese guy who imitates Bi..oh yea Ming's the name. Ok I prob gona get bash from Bi's fans now *LOL*

Anonymous said...

I think it would be nicer if they had choosen a chinese star, like Jay Chou or a lot more chinese stars.
I mean it´s in China so why not a chinese?

Orchid said...

Fraulein & other fans of Bi...this article just came out on The Chosun Ilbo today.

Rain to Sing Theme for Beijing Olympics

There have been lots of news and speculation if Rain will be singing the Olympic theme song, or a Olympic promo much confusion. Guess we will just have to wait and see!

ladida said...

How reliable is this news source? I only ask cuz' speculation about Rain singing the Olympic theme song seems to be ping-ponging back & forth. Personally, I stand where I stood before; I'm happy & excited for Rain. Although I'm Chinese, I definitely don't respresent China. So, in the end, it's really up to them to be ok with it.

Anonymous said...

uhhhh......... fuck the chinese.
to westerners, Korea and Japan are the only useful countries in asia.

don't even bring up the shit about us usin Made In China shit. fuckin neanderthals..


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