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Eating out at Seoul Korea Restaurant

If you’ve been following K-popped!, you’d have read that the women of the K-popped! Trio's family (we miss ya, Rooster!) had a Korean lunch on Christmas Day (told ya our passion for all things Korean is contagious).

Outside looking in: Seoul Korea Restaurant is on the first floor,
above Restoran Jalal Yusuf

In the group of six, some of them are good cooks in their own right (not me). Thus, it was a really pleasant outing when everyone agreed that the meal at Seoul Korea Restaurant in Taman Desa was delicious. You know how it is with good cooks, they are so hard to please ;-)!

Choices: A menu of good food

After a little while pondering over the menu, we settled for:

Spicy Chicken BBQ, 매운닭불고기 (RM25) – the waiter cooked the BBQ dish for us after heating up the charcoal.

Hot stuff: Heating up the charcoal

The cooks of the household were actually impressed by the dish, one commenting that it had a “unique flavour as it is marinated very nicely”. I don’t know what was used to marinate the chicken because it wasn’t written on the menu. No, I can’t tell you what was in it just by tasting the dish.

Ummm, my 어머니 actually calls me “crocodile mouth”, a term directly translated from Hokkien. Figuratively, it means someone who doesn’t taste anything, like a crocodile, the person just swallows the food.

However, I do know when food is good or bad even if all that nitty-gritty bit in the middle kind of eludes me.

BBQ Chicken: I wonder what ingredients are used to marinate
the chicken?

Oh, but I digress. Back to the Spicy Chicken BBQ, which wasn’t spicy at all. Malaysians who love their sambal (Malaysian-style chili paste) would have no problems whatsoever with it. I bet even children could eat it.

Kimchi Jjigae, 김치 찌개 (RM15) – this seems to be a K-popped! favourite, huh? Even Rooster cooked the dish in her K-popped! Kitchen.

Too spicy: A favourite K-popped! dish that didn't turn out too well

My Singapore 언니, who loves sour-flavoured dishes took to this one, saying it was pretty similar to the famous Thai soup called Tom Yum (a spicy and sour-flavoured dish with fragrant herbs).

However, the Kimchi Jjigae here was a little too spicy for my liking. It would have been more delicious if the soup was a little less spicy. The sour part was OK though.

Mushroom and Tofu Steamboat, 두부 버섯전골 (RM45) – the beef in the soup made the dish more fragrant and flavourful. Like its namesake, there were generous amounts of mushroom and tofu in the dish. What I liked most about it was the glass noodles because it was very springy.

Steamboat: Delicious glass noodles inside!

And that’s where we learned from another 언니 that the restaurant proprietor actually imports the noodles from Korea. We have glass noodles in Malaysia, but the local ones aren’t that springy.

Korean-style Seafood Spring Onion Pancake, 해물파전 (RM20) – ah, a hit with the group. I loved this one as well because it was filled with seafood and spring onion – yummy. Flavourful, lovely aroma and tasty.

Yummy: Loads of seafood! Yay!

Some even likened it to “O chien” – oysters cooked in egg omelette.

Added flavour: Dipping the pancake into the sauce

It came with a sauce and our friendly waiter pointed out that we should dip the pancake in it (it’s a little sour) before popping it into the mouth.

Of course, to complete the meal, there were many side dishes…so many, I can’t even describe them. You could actually enjoy a light meal on just the side dishes alone. And the best part was, you could top up on your fav side dish without extra cost.

Side dishes galore: This alone will keep you half-full :-)

Dessert was complimentary and each person was served a slice of watermelon and a ginger-flavoured drink. I don’t know what the drink was called but it was really refreshing after all the food. It tasted a little like tang yuan (湯圓)/glutinous rice ball soup.

Sweet: Watermelon slices for dessert

Refreshing: A toast to a fantastic year ahead with
our ginger-flavoured beverage

All said, it was a lovely and affordable meal. The bill only came up to RM115 – pretty amazing for a party of six.

However, the restaurant’s default drink wasn’t green tea like most other Korean restaurants. They served plain water instead.

How to get there:
The restaurant is opposite the Danau Idaman condominium entrance (the green and white-coloured condo beside the Shell petrol station) in Taman Desa.

Opening hours:
11am – 10.30pm

Telephone number:
03-7982 4607

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meiruo_chan said...

That's nice Liz! All the food looks yummy. I like the Korean-style Seafood Spring Onion Pancake (해물파전). I even tried this at home. And believe me it wasn't so hard to do. I like the sauce a lot even though it's a bit sour.

Anonymous said...

what happen 2 Rooster??i have no clue although i have been following k-popped..

blinkable said...

^ uhm cause Rooster is at Beijing?? O_o

Anyway, looking at the food, everything seems very spicy to me >_< Yea, Im one of those useless Msian who cant take spicy food T_T I might try tho but I seriously doubt my stomach can take the kimchi jigae! But I think I will love the Seafood Spring Onion Pancake <333

rocketfuel said...

i really want one of those table grills in my house.

Clammy said...

The drink might have been Sikhyeh if it was sweet and had rice in it or Senggang-cha which is a ginger tea.

kpop_rub said...

very interesting post... Although I think this food is a bit exotic for my taste (I nor anyone in my entire family can eat seafood without ending up in the hospital) so the onion pancakes sounded good until I read they had seafood hhehe. I love onion pancakes!

Anonymous said...

omigod!!!!i want some of the food it looks so good

Rooster said...

meiruo: Ooh, I might try that for the next K-popped! Kitchen. What did you put in your 해물파전?

Liz: Is that a giant mushroom on the grill with the chicken? I've given up trying to guess what it is, it's beginning to look like a pizza cutter. lol

Orchid said...

Yeah Blinkable is right....Rooster is in Beijing, hence she was unable to join us for the meal.

Rooster: The white stuff with the barbecue chicken are slices of giant onions.

Liz: Hey the pics turned out better than i expected they would! :-) Why not add in a pic of the BBQ chicken - cooked. The one you have is of the chicken meat (닭불고기) raw. Eeewww.

Actually we over-ordered because the "Mushroom & Tofu steamboat" was HUGE! It came in a gigantic pot and i think you can have that with rice and not order much else. We had to "tar pau" (request for a doggy bag as you say?) that home.

My favourite was the Spicy Chicken Barbecue. As Liz said, it wasn't that spicy but very well marinated. Plus the Korean waiter cooked it to perfection!

Liz said...

Ha ha ha, sorry everyone for subjecting you to look at raw chicken. See, I'm no foodie at all.

Will find a better picture to show the cooked chicken BBQ.


Yeah, Rooster, those are onions. As much as I want to say "Rooster, those are big @$$ mushrooms you just have to look out for," Orchid has already mentioned that they are onions.

ladida said...

like rocketfuel, i want that table grill in my house too XD. My whole family usu. gather togehter for hotpot meals. i think interchanging between hot pots & bbq dishes make family gatherings a great experience :) It's a sure way to make delicious healthy meal. Lots of veggies, seafood, etc.

meiruo_chan said...

Rooster, you should try this. I got the recipe from the internet and try it for fun. But it works and they are really tasty. Always having them as a snacks. Here is the link to the recipe
and You can browse other recipe too, most of them are good. I usually modify the recipe to my own taste like using only veggies or use other seafood instead of squid. And my lil' sis really like the dipping sauce. It's like sweet and sour taste.

Orchid said...

Ladida...i love hotpot (steamboat) meals especially when it's cold!!! Brrr...very nice.

Anonymous said...

Have you been to this place, Ampang Avenue. It's right opposite Ampang Point shopping centre. It's like a little Korean village/town there. Pretty much where all the Koreans lives (or used to before moving to Mt. Kiara and Hartamas. A whole row of Korean restaurants (my fav being Han Wo Ri - they have a branch in USJ or OUG, and Bee Won) and Korean marts as well! You might like to check it out!

Orchid said...

hi anonymous. thanks for the tip. yes we would definitely want to check it out one of these days. i heard Ampang is the "Little Korea" of the Klang Valley, but not sure where to go. Now i know...near Ampang Point. Thanks!

nas said...

alo hi...thanks 4 the recomendation ;p anyway,is the place halal?

Liz said...

Raw chicken pic changed to a more appetising one for everyone's viewing pleasure. Thank you.

Liz said...

hi nas, oh I forgot to check if the place is halal or not. Sorry.

YAF said...

anyone has the contact number for this restaurant?

Liz said...

Hi YAF, thanks to my ever helpful 언니, I have for you the telephone number of Seoul Korea Restaurant. It's 03-7982 4607.

ayumi said...

wah..u guys really went 2 find some korean food..hehehe...well good least i know where it is n whether i can eat it or not since i'm a malay..


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