Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, I trust you had a good time ushering in 2008?!

It's a year of new beginnings and the K-popped! Trio are looking forward to what the New Year has in store for us.

Loads happened in 2007 for the Trio, especially after we got K-popped!

From knowing nothing about Korean entertainment, to being our friends' "go-to" persons for all things Korean, we are living testaments that anything can happened within a year ;-)!

So here's wishing all our readers a very Happy New Year and God bless.

The pics of Sonyeoshidae and Bae Seul-gi in traditional hanbok wishing one and all a Happy 2008 are just lovely, aren't they?

Pics credit: Newsen

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kpop_rub said...

HAPPY 2008 K-popped gals!

I like BSG's last hanbok.. I have always wanted a black hanbok!

Arin said...

Happy New Year to you guys too!
haha, i've officially been addicted to k-popped. LOL xD

erm, seriously, i think this blog could even bring more hype on k-wave in Malaysia!
maybe some 'important people' noticed this and take note about it. LOL. who knows? or maybe they already did. haha.

hope 2008 will be a great year for K-Popped, hallyu in Malaysia and everyone too! xD

vrosemarie said...

Happy New Year to you too! Wow, they're all in their hanboks like its Chuseok Day again! Hahahah....

Orchid said...

Happy New Year everyone!

Just want to shout out to our readers who have been following our blog - thank you for coming back again & again... Kam-sa-ham-ni-da!

To those who comment and contribute your opinions - thank you!

One of the most rewarding feeling about keeping this blog is to get to know people (from all over the world!) who have the same passion for all things Korean.

Here's to all our K-popped! readers...

새해 복 많이 받으세요!
(sae-hae bok ma-ni ba-deu-se-yo)

Wishing you lots of luck/happiness this new year!

Jee said...

Happy New Year :)

ladida said...

sae-hae bok ma-ni ba-deu-se-yo!
The hanbok are beautiful. I hear that they come with a hefty price tag, say as much a traditional wedding gown?

blinkable said...

makes me wana get me a hanbok as well ^^ Uhm should be expensive right?? O_o

HAPPY 2008 NEW YEAR to all kpoppedpers!! Nice to meet all of you!!


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