Wednesday, 2 January 2008

What happened at YG Family 'One Concert' 2007?

After such an awesome performance by the YG Entertainment team at the recent SBS Music Awards, i really wanted to know how the YG Entertainment "One Concert" went. Are you curious too?

I read that YG Entertainment artists will all come together for a concert on the last day of the year. What an awesome way to treat the fans and bring a sense of "togetherness" to the YG Family.

Year 2007 was no different and the "One Concert" was held on 31st December 2007 at Seoul Olympic Stadium. So what actually happened at the concert? I was searching of photos from the concert, but found none released by the official media. But thanks to the fans, here are some juicy tidbits from the concert.

Se7en at YG Family 'One Concert' 2007

Se7en performed his songs...which included La La La (original + remix), Come back to me etc. He also did a parody of JYP's Honey and Don't Leave Me - dressed as JYP! (Now this i really want to see.) But according to fans, Se7en requested no footage of this be posted on the Internet. Guess the parody will only be for the eyes of those who went for the concert.

Fancam - video clip of Se7en at YG's One Concert - 31 December 2007 (Part 1)

Fancam - video clip of Se7en at YG's One Concert - 31 December 2007 (Part 2)

Here are a couple of photos of Big Bang at the concert wearing hoodies designed by G-Dragon

Big Bang at YG Family 'One Concert' 2007

Which Big Bang member is trying to kiss one another?

Credits: Lucky 7 Taiwan, Big Bang Fansite, StarCrystal @Radishkimchi

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Anonymous said...

heard that jiyong and top is better now..thanx GOD..YG family hwaiting!!!big bang hwaiting!!!

Liz said...

I wished I was there to see Se7en's parody of JYP.

ladida said...

liz, i like to see that parody piece too. :P I'm quite certain that he did JYP proud. Hey, why wouldn't he? He's younger; he has sex appeal & he's a great talent.

fraulein said...

Wow, watching this JYPE vs YG entertainment " rivalry " unfold is interesting

Se7en can parody anyone, anyday !

Anyone watched Goong S?

blinkable said...

Yeah a post in YG Family concert! From the 2 pics posted I can see it's TaeYang (on the 3rd pic) and the one we couldnt see face could be SeungRi or maybe one of the dancer?? O_o?? Sori I havent watch any clips on this yet *LOL*

Fraulein I watched Goong S just for the sake of watching Se7en <33 *LOL* It was just great watching him and I thought it was a sweet movie XD

So yea I soo wana watch the JYP parody esp Honey!!! Hmm..maybe some fans will post them?? *make mental note to search later*

Kyomuffin said...


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