Thursday, 31 January 2008

JYP's 13-member boyband gets own reality series

Hey, isn't JYP stealing YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment's ideas?

The Big Bang boys, who are with YG, had their own reality series documenting the formation of the group and now JYP's 13-member unnamed(?) boyband is doing the same (SuJu of SM Entertainment also has 13 members).

JYP cooks up mega boyband: Still brewing from (l-r)
...hmm...ah...ladies and gentlemen, the boys.

The 1st episode aired in Korea on Jan 25 and is scheduled to air every Friday night at 7pm.

Viewers are required to vote after each show, not to eliminate the boys, but to choose which boy did the best in the show. The boys really care what the viewers are saying about them. Currently, they are practicing hard for their upcoming debut.

I hope we in Malaysia get to watch the reality series too. I rather enjoyed the Big Bang series shown on MTV Asia. It's nice to see how far and popular the quintet have's success well-earned.

However, another 13-member group? Geez, I have not made the effort to get acquainted with the SuJu boys yet and JYP is coming up with another football/soccer team (plus a couple of reserves) of singers?!? Oh, heaven help me.

Source & Pic credit: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

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Orchid said...

from a quick glance, at least 2 of them has a slight resemblance to Bi. or at least they pose like him.

shuxie said...

oh my.. another 13 group.. are they trying to drive me insane hahahahah.....

wonder if malaysia also will produce band boy consist 13 guys... it is becoming trend now hahaha... i wonder

ladida said...

why are large boyband such a hot commodity in Asia?

Belle said...

Liz hun, give them a chance. hehe. i did! i didnt think i'd be hooked in but i did. the best thing about them is that there are some who talk in english fluently!.. i was surprised.

and the more the merrier right? there's more chances for me to marry one of them.. hehe.. and i am not being choosey.

Liz said...

Sure, sure Belle, will give the boys a chance.

However, is there any chance of making things easier for me and calling them Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, etc.? :-P

ladida said...

rofl! But Liz, what happens after the 7th name? Sneezy 2, Dopey 2, etc.? XD

Liz said...

Hey ladida, after the 7th name, we name them after Santa's reindeers - Rudolph, Blitzen, Prancer, Dancer, Comet, Cupid etc ;-).

blinkable said...

well I say since BB and Suju are doing sooo well, it wouldnt hurt to imitate them or so JYP thought XD

ladida said...

aaahhh,..very, very clever, Liz.
And just in case JYP wants another addition in the band, there's still plenty of leftover names ;P
ooh, wait..i see happy [C4:R1]; on dasher [C1:R2], on prancer [C4:R3]..but where's cupid?'s fortunate that they don't already have die-hard fans to hurl rocks at me ;)
But seriously, with the exception of the 12 Girls Band, a group of 5 or more is ridiculously insane! hopefully JYP will narrow down his selection or split them into 2 groups. In such a large band, it's mighty difficult for each boy to gain recognition for his own talent let alone his visibility in the ent. industry.


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