Thursday, 31 January 2008

Tablo and Kim Seong-eun to host Music Bank

As 29-year-old Haha leaves to serve his country in the military, Music Bank is in need of a new host...or two. Apparently, his co-host, Lee Hyun-ji is also leaving the very popular and entertaining music program.

Filling in for the pair is Tablo (pic above, right), yes the nerdy-looking guy of Epik High, and actress Kim Sung-eun. The duo will report for Music Bank duty on Feb 15.

Producers chose Tablo, who is also part of Samsung's Anyband, because of his across-the-board appeal and polished speaking abilities (whoa, me gotta tune in to find out).

Meanwhile, Kim has also been gaining popularity through her "tone-deaf" act on Happy Sunday. I've seen her in that, she's cute :-).

Source: KBS Global
Pics credit: MyDaily & Newsen

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fraulein said...

I know this is unrelated but I just saw a clip of se7en at the YG one concert at the end of last yr and he performs awesomely !

He has really grown and come a long way as an entertainer. His showmanship and mannerism have improved considerably. If u compare his voice then and now – u can tell the difference.

Come back to me is one of those songs that has to be seen and heard live than over a CD

Unlike Rain, I think Se7en has a nicer singing than talking voice. Rain’s is the other way around. I love Rain’s deep voice when he talks.

Anonymous said...

can't wait! tablo is so adorable and witty! he's going to be a great host!!!

Anonymous said...'s sad that haha is going 2 the army..oh well, tablo is as cool as, it'll be fun i guess..hey, isn't that the girl who act in the sitcom unstoppable marriage..i like her..

Anonymous said...'s not her..sorry, my's not the same girl from the sitcom..i take it back..

blinkable said...

ah I am gona miss HaHa soo much but at the same time looking foward to Tablo ^^


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