Monday, 7 January 2008

Kim Ah-Joong brings hope to children

What was 200 Pounds Beauty actress Kim Ah-Joong up to this Monday morning?

The 26-year-old used her starpower to raise funds for poverty-stricken children who are suffering from disease. Aww, don't you just love these Korean stars?

Kim Ah-Joong was at the Hope for the Flowers (I think) event at 10.15am in Seoul today. The event was co-organised by E-mart and P&G (Procter & Gamble).

If I'm not mistaken, 30mil won was raised and proceeds from the fund raiser will be used to purchase vaccines and distributed to those in need.

Source: Newsen & P&G Korea
Pics credit: Newsen

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hjn said...

that kid standing in the middle of all, (with the polar white neck). he has potential to do doctor act.

ladida said...

I know life isn't fair but anytime I hear news like this one I feel so hurt & helpless for them cuz' they're so so young & innocent & they're incapable of understanding or expressing to adults about what's going on with their bodies. :( Anyway, I hope they're curable diseases


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