Sunday, 6 January 2008

'Likeable or Not' tops ratings

KBS2's daily drama series 'Likeable or Not' starring the newly unattached Han Ji-hye has topped the ratings in South Korea.

In a TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Media survey, the rattings topped 40%, the highest yet in a self-commissioned poll and the highest aong programs on all channels in the same time slot.

Looks like this is becoming a popular drama in Korea. Check it out if you want something new to watch - if you are not already following it on Astro's KBS World.

"Likeable or Not" cast.
Han Ji-hye, Kim Ji-seok, the girl on the
extreme left is Yoo In-yeong and she was in Snow Queen
and the one on the
extreme right, Lee Yeong-eun was in Full House. ;-)
Jo Dong-hyeok is Han Ji-hye's on-screen brother in the drama.

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Anonymous said...

This is definitely an awesome show.... I love it... Danpung and Baekho are definitely a good couple... When are they becoming an item anyway? I wish Baekho would tell Danpung how much he loves her... Danpung should've told Hyeuno that she doesn't really think of him as a partner....
SO FAR I STILL LOVE THE SERIES!! Cheers for this one :)

oilpumping said...

I love, love, love this show. I am not Korean, but of course I can relate because it is all about human nature, deceit, love and acts of betrayal; its the perfect drama with a cliffhanger every night. Not to mention the beautiful people and great fashions.

Anonymous said...

I am not Korean but I love their soaps. I would like to see Baekho have a more impressive role at Bonjour Foods...right now I think he looks wishy washsy.

I want to see him with Danpung and to give Sua's husband a run for his money.

Orchid said...

Yeah i am rooting for Baekho too. But right now he kinda acts silly most of the time. My mom calls him "gong kia sai" (in Hokkien it means "silly son-in-law"). But i don't like the doctor who's dating Danpung now.

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE SERIES!!! so cute to watch Danpung n Baekho!!!! =D I'm not a Korean either.. but i can totaly relate to the story... but i was juz wondering... wats d total number of episodes of this show?

b said...

according to drama wiki, it's supposed to be 168 episodes and will end this month.

Jerald said...

Hi all,
I have been watching this series and enjoyed alot. I'am sri lankan in Singapore searching for DVD with english subtitals. Pls suggest sum good place to buy as i cannot locate any place that sells the same with english subtitals. Thnx in advance.


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