Sunday, 27 January 2008

Kwon Sang-woo on Japan's KBOOM cover

It's only the end of January but we are giving you a sneak peak on who's going to be on the cover of Japan's KBOOM Magazine March 2008 issue.

Ah yes, it's none other than Bad Love hottie Kwon Sang-woo.

Kwon Sang-woo wanted to debut as a singer in the Bad Love Original Sound Track. He was set to sing track #5 "Erases from the heart". But due to time constraint, the producers of the album packaged the album and released it, without Kwon's track! Needless to say, Kwon was disappointed.

Could it be that the producers knew better and decided to omit the track? I've heard Kwon Sang-woo sing, and it is mediocre at best.

What's after Bad Love? Kwon Sang-woo has his sights on working on a Japanese drama. There are plans to work with Japan's Fuji TV. Well, I guess Kwon Sang-woo has to brush up on his Japanese then. Any volunteer tutors? ;-)

Kwon Sang-woo's 'Notting Hill' project next

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ladida said...

haha..yea, he should just stick soley to acting...i heard him sang the theme soundtrack for "stairway to heaven" once upon a time & like u said, it was "mediocre at best"..but that's ok, he's still a hottie XD

blinkable said... singing SangWoo oppa O_o

Anonymous said...

nah you look hot in acting than singing kwon sang woo


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