Friday, 11 January 2008

Super Junior coming to Malaysia?

Fans of mega boyband Super Junior a.k.a SuJu, lemme hear you scream because the boys are coming to town!

Oh yeah, baby. The 13-member group is set to launch its 1st Asia concert tour and Kuala Lumpur is apparently on the list.

The band will be kicking off their concert in Seoul, Korea at the Olympic Park on Feb 23 and 24. They will then hold 10 "Super Shows" in 9 Asian cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur.

No details on the concerts outside Korea yet. SM Entertainment will make the announcements at a later date.

SuJu has performed on a Malaysian stage before, when they were the guest artiste for TVXQ's first concert in 2006. This time, the boys will have the stage all to themselves and fans can expect the boys to belt out their hit songs as well as showcase their individual talents. It is also reported that the boys will share personal anecdotes with fans.

Online ticket reservations for the Korea shows will be available on Jan 22 at 5pm (Korean time, which means 4pm Malaysian time). Go to: - the site is entirely in Korean, though.

So, are you an excited SuJu fan? I only recognise Lee-teuk, Kangin and Shin-dong, the rest are a blur.

Gimme more on Super Junior!

Source: The Korea Times
Pic credit: GoNews

I wanna listen to them!:
SuJu: Will you marry me?

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Anonymous said...

my friends are already talking 2 buy their tickets..they're so excited about suju's coming to Malaysia and since i'm not their biggest fan so i'll juz lay low..LOL..but i'm quite excited too..and i think i'm going 2 their concert since i want 2 see their face will be fantastic..:D

Anonymous said...

Nyehehehehe, I'll surely go because the ticket prices surely worth it for it's a 13 MEN SHOW, yo. :D

brian said...

I cannot tell one member apart from the other. They are just a bunch of Korean dudes.

kpop_rub said...

I saw them last year. They are soooo hott in person BUT they really half assed their performance... They were extremely disappointing!

adkm said...

I have doubt on this. Not sure whether any local organizer will take this event. After what happen during DBSK time. I don't think they willing to take the risk. Will wait until official annoucement by local organizer.

blinkable said...

You can bet that I am going! ^^ I think it will definitely be an entertaining show to look foward to bcoz tho they may not be overall good singers but they sure are awesome entertainers esp Teukie, ShinDong, KangIn, HyukJae and the ever dramatic HeeChul *grin* and I can imagine SM's plans for the concert <33 SUPER SHOW!!!

BTW, from left to right..
Back: ShinDong, YeSung, HeeChul, SiWon, HanKyung, KangIn & Teukie (EeTeuk)
Front: KyuHyun,DongHae, SungMin, KiBum, HyukJae (EunHyuk) & RyeoWook

Watching Suju's Full House helped! XD I seriously enjoy watching all their TV Shows such as Mystery Show to of course the current EHB <33 And no, I am not a big fan XP

Arin said...

make sure you guys go if you have nothing in plan.
someone said that there was an article in Sin Chew saying that CMG will be the organiser for the concert, just like DBSK's.
herm, hope it won't clash with major exams anymore, or even the minor ones. im afraid >_<

but then,
Super Junior is not as big as TVXQ yet (hey, im not trying to compare or anything. i like both!),
so they really need big promotion.

let's spread the love starting from now <3

Liz said...

hi everyone, so CMG is bringing them in? I'm not surprised as the company has been the only one bringing in Korean acts all this while.

Also, they already have a good working relationship with SM Entertainment, as they have already organised 2 TVXQ concerts.

Kpop_rub, they were disappointing? Were they in the US when you watched them perform?

And Blinkable, thanks for identifying each and every member. I'm still struggling to remember them. Worse still, now I think I can only recognise Shin Dong because he's a litte chubby :-P.

blinkable said...

Ok liz, prob this will helps and since you will prob be writing abt them it's good to know who is forgot fr whr I got the pic so yea credit to whoever you are XD I used it when trying to figure who is who while watching Suju's Full Hse until I got hold of them saying their names then it was bye bye to this pic *LOL*

Liz said...

Wah thanks, blinkable. That helps :-) I guess I've got to "study" them then.

s2diyanah said...

this is really depressing.... by the time they start their tour i'll already be in aussie... n i'm pretty sure they're not going there... haih... this is just like rain all over again 4 me... but rain actually came 2 aussie (even though i still din go).... haih... anyway... aja aja hwaiting hyukkie!!

Sze Jia said...

it took me forever to remember their names. 13 dudes. Def worth the cashh!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to purchase tickets from
but without a resident or foreign registration number it won't allow me to.

Can someone PLEASE help me figure out how to do this, or if there is another way to get tickets to the Super Junior concert for Seoul Feb 23rd?

I live in Canada, and I am flying over to Seoul to see them, but I need tickets to do that.

I'm desperate, thanks.


blinkable said...

Hi alley have you tried soompi forum? I am sure if you post your qs at the Suju's thread you will get some help ^^ Of course you can always try other suju's forum but for whatever important, fast facts that I need it's soompi I turn to XD

oNaRi said...

I'm definitely going.. but I heard that they are comin at around may or june.. it's quite a long way before that. But that's good rite? We have a lot of time to raise enough money to buy their tickets. I think a lot of people will show up. Since a lot of DBSK fans are also SUJU's fan.. for those who have a hard time to recognize the members.. you definitely have to watch thier TV shows like Super Junior Full House and Exploration of the Human Body.. It's really funny and you can definitely recognize the members after that.. The videos are available at youtube.. X)

shuxie said...

hopefully i`m back to malaysia at that time...
its around may or june? emm hopefully i`m home...

btw.. wanna say gamsamhanida to the 3 sister who run this website...
u guys are the best!!!! hwaiting...

ps: i love the korea learning site... my fav.

Arin said...

yeah, i've heard a rumour saying that it might be around may-june too.
but rumor rarely comes true. >_<
herm. but who knows,
i hope it'll be around that time too.
end of may-early june is the mid-term holiday. =D
if not, maybe August?
whatever it is,
i hope they won't choose the SPM dates again. LOL. a major mistake!

shuxie said...

can somebody post the confirm date later.. need to adjust my holiday hahahah...

i really want to go :)

Liz said...

Once we find out what the confirmation date is, we will definitely write about it :-).

If anyone else finds out before we do, please share the info with us-lar.

farah_kibum said...

i will definetely go!!!they will come to malaysia this may, i read it in some place. (i can't remember where*sorry*)
all i know is that the concert will held at world expo arena.
and google it down but don't know where the hell is that place..
anyone knows????

Arin said...

that was just a rumour isn't it?
i don't think World Expo Arena exists in Malaysia.
or does it?

please please please,
let it be an indoor stadium,
and the date is during the mid term holiday in August. *prays hard*

Shuxie said...

what i know.. world expo arena only exist in hongkong

ada_gerrard8 said...

OMG!!SUJU is going to have their 1st asian tour and KL is on the list!!I'm an E.L.F!!me n my sisters are goin to be stalkers!!We love SUJU!! Can't wait for their concert!! I can't wait to meet my oppa's!!
Super Junior FIGHTING!!

Anonymous said...

Wow..getting to meet Eeteuk, HeeChul, Hangeng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, SungMin, EunHyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Kibum, RyeoWook & KyuHyun live????That is a MUST!!!

mayenskie said...

1. Seoul, S. Korea - Feb. 22-24, 2008

2. Bangkok, Thailand -- April 2008 (Impact Arena)

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- May 2008 (World Expo Arena)

4. Singapore -- May 2008 (Singapore Indoor Stadium)

5. Taipei, Taiwan -- August 2008 (Taipei Arena)

6. Beijing, China -- August 2008 (venue unknown)

7. Shanghai, China -- September 2008 (Shanghai Dae Stage)

8. Hong Kong -- October 2008 (venue unknown)

OMG! im soo jealous of suju fans who would get to watch them... too bad i do not live in these countries. I love Suju!! hope they will come to the Philippines.. we crazy Phil fans will make them rich! hahahahah! i swear!

Liz said...

I've lived in Malaysia all my life and I've not heard of World Expo Arena.

Where on earth is SuJu going to perform in Kuala Lumpur again? That place doesn't exist.

Ninonoi said...

yeah..u r rite liz..
i never heard of world expo arena here in Kuala Lumpur too..

since i'm an ELF, i will definitely go to their concert in KL.. ^^
lucky in KL..hehe

yeah..i also hope that they will choose the right date ne..Last year i can't attend DBSK concert because of the date clashing with my SPM..huhuh..

anyway nice blog guys.. ^^ luv it..
keep up the good work.. ~~

Orchid said...

@ninonoi Thanks. Let us know once you find out the concert venue!

Anonymous said...

owh...tq so much for da information..i juz can't wait for them to come here..suju hwaiting!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the SuJu concert tickets for Malaysia or Hong Kong are being sold online?

If they are, could someone provide a link please?

Anonymous said...

if any of you have info about where to buy tickets to their HONGKONG super show concert... please email me: please please please.. my friends and i are desperate

Anonymous said...

liz..can u inform us where we can buy their ticket..and did u know when they will come to malaysia? i heard that they will come on this it true?..hopefully thier concert will success and they didn't cancel like F.T Island concert..

Anonymous said...

wow cant say i'm their biggest fan but sure am excited...but where d heck is world expo arena in kl??hmmm save up money to buy d tix~~~heheh

Liz said...

Hi all, we don't have any information on this yet.

Once we get some news on it, you'll be the first to know :-).

Anonymous said...

i think suju is still busy promoting suju m.i seriously dont think that they will come to the neares period..maybe like after july...but after what happened to the ft island concert..i think things will get more complicated.suju..please come to kl.
im another elf too.
love kyhyunnie.

Anonymous said...

I desperately wanna go back to Malaysia now!*Sigh
will only be able to go back durin summer.. aniooooooooooo!!!!!
really wantin to meet suju oppa,,. after ehb n unbelievable outing ended,,. dunno wot else i shall wtch.. missing the oppas.. T_T
Just hoping for miracle tat my dad will allow me to go back to Malaysia so tat am able to see 'em live.. x[
Any1,plz email me at to let me know when n where the concert will be held, mayb am able to beg my dad.. hehe


Anonymous said...

i wanna go too...
hopefully dey will come on july.
coz im not going back to msia till 4th july.
really wanna see donghae live!
argh..pray hard!

Anonymous said...

anybody can tell me when super junior coming to malaysia??
i really want to know..
this is my email address

syaika said...

did they really coming to Malaysia? now it is end of May but i haven't hear anything about their consert in Malaysia. can someone please tell me when is their consert?
i really want to go

syaika said...

tell me please! i want to go to their consert sooo badly. emeil me at pleaseeeeee

naqxiahankyung said...

oh God!!did they want to come malaysia??waaaaa...tell me...!!!where???when???how much??????plz email at

love suju!

ChrIstIn3 said...

yaya~ now end of may d??? when will them come to Malaysia???

Anonymous said...

is it already confirm that SuJu is coming this february?? cant wait to see them live in action..
love siwon oppa!!


Heekmah {Mrs. Hwang} said...

hye guys, on a press conference yesterday Leeteuk said they will also be doing Super Show II in Malaysia! just hoping this time they wouldnt cancel it again and i hope the organizer would do their best unlike Paran & FT Island. >.<

=daNIA= said...

whats their ticket price??

Anonymous said...

i bought the tickets...i really can;t wait...but i really want to meet them... i need back stage passes....can someone help me?


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