Sunday, 20 January 2008

Trivia: Who is the CF Queen?

The picture above looks like they are shooting a CF for a women sports wear product such as Nike Women or Adidas. In actual fact, they are shooting a beverage CF. The beverage? It's called Ka-man-kong-cha (까만콩차). Some kind of tea i think.

This CF queen is said to be a plastic beauty and also models for Pantene Shampoo, Ohui and Guess.
Who is the 까만콩차 new spokeswoman above?

Update: 21 January 2008

Yes, it's Kim A-joong from 200lbs Beauty fame. She's the new model for
Ka-man-kong-cha (까만콩차).

Pics credit: Sky-teams

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Liz said...

I have absolutely no idea who this is. No hints?

Orchid said...

Hi Liz...i provided some hints. She also models for Ohui, Pantene and Guess...

Liz said...

Kim Ah-joong

Joe said...

Han Eun Jung?

Anonymous said...

Kim Ah Joooooooooooong!!! 100% sure. Because she models for Pantene and Guess. :P Dunno what's Ohui. ;P

Anonymous said...

models for pantene, plastic beauty??? ah-joong.....for sure!

sLaVe said...

HA! her the CF Queen? There's only Jun Ji Hyun baby :D

ladida said...

when u said "plastic beauty", u don't mean her in real life but her char in that "200lb beauty", right?

Orchid said...

Ladida, there has been word going around that in real life Kim Ah Joong is also a plastic beauty. Some also say she is 100% natural.
Kim A-joong a natural beauty?

Clammy said...

There's no way she's all natural. Her face LOOKS built. That's probably why she was so perfect for "200 pounds Beauty", it wasn't that far of a stretch!!

ladida said...

..nose job, getting her eyes widened, veneers for teeth, plus a forehead implant..
cosmetic dentistry procedure..check
forehead implant...hmm, maybe
eyes & nose job?....nawhh, I can't see it
botox...maybe (she's too young to get botox)


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